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How to wash and clean Laboratory Glassware

Are you cleaning your laboratory equipment correctly after each experiment? Each container needs to be washed and dried appropriately so as to maintain correctness for the scientific output. Emphordlas, leading laboratory glassware supplier in UAE explains the same. Laboratory glassware should be clean in an exceptional way which means it should be chemically clean, [...]

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New Automated Analyzer Solutions for all your Water Analysis requirements

  How do you make water fit for experiments? Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 is a robotic water analyzer that can make your laboratory results close to real. People think that when the water is clear and looks good, it's perfectly clean without any kind of foreign material in it, but the truth is that the [...]

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Mass Spectrometer for Summertime pool findings.

  How clean and clear is your swimming pool water? Get them ready before the Summer hits. Summer is near and swimming pools are getting ready. Freshening the water and cleaning the pools are around the corner. Keeping the pool water clean means to use disinfectant effectively without making the pool bad. An American [...]

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LIMS for better laboratories

  The digitalization of laboratories provided quick results and precise solutions. The laboratory information management system or LMS in UAE are now modernizing laboratory for the greater good. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has become an unavoidable addition to the modern laboratories across the world. Pharma companies which have embarrassed digitalization are trying to [...]

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Ultra-Low Temperature freezer for Cold chain infrastructure

  How are ULT Freezers maintained and looked after. ULT Freezers are now available at Emphor DLAS in UAE. If your laboratory deals with molecular biology or life science, which involves cryopreservation (cold chain infrastructure) for biological samples like DNA, RNA, proteins, cell extracts, or reagent then you might be familiar with ULT freezer [...]

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Reliable Material testing for Packaging

  Know more about the most reliable Universal material testing equipment from Llyod. The machine is now available with Emphor DLAS, one of the largest laboratory equipment suppliers in UAE. Know how this machine helps in ensuring the safe packaging of materials. Lloyd material testing instruments provide flexible, reliable and accurate results on testing [...]

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Packaging with Intent – Why packaging is important?

  Why packaging is important? And why package testing involves understanding consumer emotions? Read the article to know more. The packaging of a product is a major deciding factor in whether a consumer will buy the product or not. As consumers, decisions to what to buy and what not to be largely influenced by [...]

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