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The Importance of High Quality Laboratory Equipment

High quality laboratory equipment are a must for the proper research and scientific studies. Emphor DLAS, a leading laboratory ware provider in the Middle East region, explains the reason why it is essential to have a quality check.   The scientific world is constantly changing and needs over a laboratory desk have been ever [...]

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Water quality determines the cooling efficiency

Cooling a scientific process needs to have the purest form of water. Therefore, water quality becomes an uncompromisable factor in determining the efficiency of cooling. Emphor DLAS, a leading distributor of laboratory equipment in UAE explains. Water quality of the cooling system is something of prime importance when it comes to usage in a [...]

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Have Sneak Peek on Interesting facts inside a Laboratory!

Take a break and relax your mind with a few interesting trivia facts around your laboratory. If you have ended up on this page, then the most probable reasons would be, you are a lab technician, a scientist, a science student or an enthusiast. It always boring to take about chemicals, reactions, procedures and [...]

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Get To Know Various Types of Laboratory Glassware!

Laboratories are filled with different kinds of glassware according to their measurement and purpose. Emphor DLAS is a leading life and analytical science solution provider in UAE briefly explains various glassware they have stocked up in their stores. Order online now.   Laboratory equipment plays an important role in the development of research, learning [...]

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Continuous flow analyzer

Know more about San compact continuous flow analyzer. Now available with  Emphor DDLAS in UAE. Visit us at for details and quotation. Continuous flow analysis is the process in which a sample is injected into a flowing carrier solution passing rapidly through small-bore tubing. The sample reacts with a reagent to form a [...]

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Pure water for your laboratory needs!

We know you can’t compromise on your scientific results just because your water is bad. Emphor DLAS explains various concerns regarding using water and how this can be solved effectively.   Different types of water are used on the laboratory desk for various experiments. For example, a Type I+ grade of water is used [...]

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Laboratory Glassware: A Usage Guide.

Different glassware in a laboratory are manufactured and designed for specific purposes. Each needs to be understood and maintained for use in scientific research. Laboratory glassware are manufactured using Borosilicate and Soda-lime glass. Soda lime glass is generally used for glassware which are used for extended exposure to chemicals, categorized as Class B glassware. [...]

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Make the right choice when it comes to Cell counter!

Make the right choice when it comes to Cell counter. Logos Biosystems introduces the new Luna FX 7 cell counter for the next generation labs. Read to know more. Cell counter is a device used for counting dead and living cells in a culture. Any scientific research that deals with cell culture needs to [...]

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