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Speed, Accuracy, Efficiency: Unveiling the Power of Discrete Analysers in Environmental Labs

Tired of sampling water and loading it in a cuvette? Need a solution that automates most of the work? Presenting an innovation of Discrete Analysers in UAE. Discrete analysers have a long and successful history in the clinical markets and other areas of water testing. Let us learn more about the discrete analysers and [...]

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Introducing the ZwickRoell Touchscreen Rockwell Hardness Tester : Streamlining Hardness Testing for Improved Efficiency

ZwickRoell Indentec has launched a new touchscreen Rockwell hardness tester which aims to simplify and enhance the Rockwell hardness testing process. The machine builds on the long-lasting quality and success of the ZHR range. With a brand-new touchscreen interface to make Rockwell hardness testing simple and more consistent. The Hardness test method offers rapid, [...]

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Things to Consider when Selecting an Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

The use of ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers is essential to any lab environment, as they help to ensure the safe storage of precious samples. ULTs store a variety of analytes and products within the -50°C to -80°C range, from biospecimens to enzymes and drugs. The ULTs of many labs store hundreds of thousands of [...]

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Why Borosilicate Glasswares are commonly used in Laboratory?

Borosilicate glass is highly durable and heat-resistant, making it useful in many applications that involve temperature changes. A unique combination of silica and boric oxide, as well as other oxides, gives the material its strength and resistance. As some of the oxide components are replaced with boron oxide, the binding forces within the glass [...]

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Why Your Modern Laboratory Needs a ULT Freezer?

ULT-Freezers are inevitable systems that all modern laboratories will need to possess. Most laboratories maintain their own ‘treasure chest’ which may contain irreplaceable research on important or costly reagents. It is therefore important to carefully research purchases of a new ULT freezer, i.e., a freezer that is suitable for your laboratory, may not be [...]

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Why is Finding the right laboratory equipment for schools Essential?

Educational lab equipment for students is mandatory to perform necessary science experiments by students themselves and attain practical science knowledge. Therefore, finding the right laboratory equipment for schools is necessary to provide supreme quality in the pieces of equipment they deliver to students. Also, quality equipment ensures their safety during various experiments. This will [...]

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A check on Laboratory chemicals

Chemicals, solvents and water should be in their purest form while being used in laboratories in the UAE. Ensuring that you get the best chemicals makes your science experiments more precise and accurate. For researchers and students of science, their laboratory is the place where you find solutions for their curiosity and is also [...]

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Graphic inspection tools for business

Why do every brand need Graphic inspection tools and how can these tools help build a greater brand value? Emphor Diagnostics and Life Analytical Sciences in the UAE are authorized distributors of Global vision products, read to learn more. In 2020 the packaging industry has got a whole new dimension. Despite constant changes, companies [...]

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Finding the right Laboratory equipment for schools

Schools need to provide the right laboratory equipment to schools in the UAE. Emphor LAS has been providing some of the best reliable and trustworthy scientific tools for labs in schools, colleges and other scientific research organizations. Schools are the first platform on which children step into scientific queries. It is the responsibility of [...]

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Understanding laboratory plastics

How are laboratory plastic different from each other? What are their characteristics and how does these material react to various chemicals and solvents? Read on to know, an article articulated from the internet. Many people don’t exactly know what kind of laboratory plastics can be used for what all needs. Emphor DLAS, one of [...]

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