Almost like a magician’s wand, chromatography reveals all secrets. Not yours but that of any compound or biomolecule that you put through it. From simple breaking down of molecules present in a medicine, plant, blood samples to that in cigarette smoke, it also helps in detecting antibodies.

Put in any complex mixture or sample in the chromatography machine and using varied instruments like pumps, columns, gels, detectors and computer software – chromatography will tell you what elements make up the mixture.

It separates molecules on the basis of size, type, and other attributes which otherwise would need individual methods like stationary phase, mobile phase, and sometimes elutants.

For the medical world, chromatography is as essential as having a printer in one’s office. Doctors have for years now used the procedure to analyse drugs, nutrients, vitamins and even study samples from disease outbreaks to find cures.

High-Performance Liquid chromatography

The High-Performance Liquid chromatography technique (HPLC) method, which is now being widely preferred by diagnostic labs and medical professionals, has been lauded to bring out the higher resolution of separated elements.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Medicine, the HPLC chromatography technique has been found to be more specific and sensitive than the common Competitive Protein-Binding Assays (CPBA) method.

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