Emphor LAS has a full range of Covid-19 screening solutions which can help healthcare works and other essential workers to stay safe. The equipment also helps the scientific world to understand and study the virus to develop a possible vaccination for Covid-19.

Screening for Covid-19 patients is the need of the hour and Emphor LAS has a wide array of products to help fight the pandemic the most effective way. This article explains the most effective industrial as well as personal protective equipment that can be used by any individual as well as health personals during this medical emergency.

The medical sector is trying hard to collect as many samples for testing every day. The worldwide demand for PPE is on the rise and medical officers are reporting the health risk they are facing at the forefront. Samples collected, vaccines being prepared and tested, the scientific world the right equipment and products right now more than any time in history. Emphor LAS, the leading laboratory equipment dealers in Dubai has listed 9 most demanding products for the sustainable running of a safe society.

  1. Sanitizing Tunnel
    Disinfecting passageways, which sprays disinfectant & sanitizer with 99.999% germicidal & 100% safe to human
    Effective to viruses,bacteria,mold,fungi,and spores
    Sanitizer: superoxidizedwaterHypochlorousacid(HOCI)  100% natural resources, and is 100% safe for humans even kids, it does not have any chemicals or toxic content.
  1. Thermal camera
    Non-contact human body temperature with accuracy of ±0.3°C
    Process upto 25 faces/sec
    Temperature range: 30°C ~+45°C
    Stanger mode:For new visitor
    Employee face database.
  1. Rapid Test for Covid-19
    SureScreen’s COVID-19 rapid test identifies the body’s response to coronavirus after the onset of infection and gives a qualitative yes/no result within 10 minutes.
    IgG : Sensitivity = 97.4% Specificity = 99.3%  Accuracy = 98.9%
    IgM  :  Sensitivity = 86.8% Specificity = 98.6% Accuracy = 96.1%
  1. UVD Robot
    Disinfect the Rooms by UltraViolet C light
    Control the Robot through Wi-Fi & App
    In 10min disinfects the room
    Notify When Disinfection Finishes.
  1. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  1. Thermal Cycler / PCR System
    Thermocyclers, or thermal cyclers, are instruments used to amplify DNA and RNA samples by the polymerase chain reaction. The thermocycler raises and lowers the temperature of the samples in a holding block in discrete, pre-programmed steps, allowing for denaturation and reannealing of samples with various reagents. Amplified genetic material can be used in many downstream applications such as cloning, sequencing, expression analysis, and genotyping
  1. PCRmax Kit
    Rapid detection of Covid-19
    No cold chain shipping
    More than 100 sensitive targets
    Great user experience for all kinds of users
    Highly specific detection profile.
    High priming efficiency
    Broad dynamic range detection
    Accurate control for findings
  1. Nucleic Acid Extraction System
    High Throughput Nucleic acid extraction system- 96 samples/2 hours, 800 samples/day
    PCR set up on deck.
    More than 70% recovery
    Aurora kits are CE-IVD & CFDA approved, CDC recommendation method.


  1. Freezer and Refrigerator
    Vestfrost’s pharmacy refrigerators are developed for reliable storage in pharmacies, laboratories, and hospitals. Store your medicines, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals at a uniform temperature while ensuring maximum security and easy retrieval.