Emphor LAS-Dubai supplies quality consumable laboratory equipment to withstand any environmental conditions

Every passing year a series of factors, including plants and microbes, are responsible for climate change.

Microbes exist all around us every day, whether harmful or harmless, millions die and millions replace them, and the whole process is invisible to the naked eye. Harmless microbes are rarely our concern, it is only when new, possibly life-threatening, infectious diseases are encountered that harmful microbes get our attention.

Challenge in medical and pharmaceutical industries

Medical and pharmaceutical industries in the UAE are constantly striving to study these unknown micro-organisms and come up with effective solutions or drugs to build trust and protect the health of residents while developing the region’s economy.

Though technology has advanced the process, many microbes have yet to be discovered by doctors and medical practitioners.

The UAE also protects patients from malpractice by imposing strict medical liability laws to prevent error. However, the reach and availability of quality equipment for sample testing poses a challenge to innovation and efficient diagnosis.

Need for quality lab equipment

Development of both commercial and educational laboratories are of primary importance, as experimentation and samples are necessary to know how and what you’re dealing with in a controlled environment before execution.

Without premium, clean laboratory equipment, the margin of error increases and the quality of sample tests decreases.

The UAE depends on imports of premium laboratory equipment, but expenses limit options and reach.

Need for consumable suppliers in the UAE

Developing quality laboratories is not dependant on a single unit, supply chains plays an important role. As consumables are changing consistently and rapidly, consumable suppliers are ranked based on their quality and quantity of equipment supplied, delivery time/reach, availability, and cost efficiency.

Dubai-based Emphor LAS not only provides various technological solutions, but is also the leading supplier of laboratory equipment. From general to premium consumable laboratory equipment, Emphor LAS provides quality microplates, petri dishes, glassware, pipettes, plasticware, and much more to cultivate microbes in any environmental condition.

Emphor LAS

Emphor LAS, the Life and Analytical Division of the Centena group, consists of a well-trained professional team who support developments in nanoscience, forensics, alternative energy, the green revolution and more.