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Continuous flow analysis is the process in which a sample is injected into a flowing carrier solution passing rapidly through small-bore tubing. The sample reacts with a reagent to form a coloured concentration, which determines the sample’s concentration. In controlled flow conditions, colour development is reproducible and determination of colour need not wait till the end.

If your laboratory is small, then San compact wet chemistry analyzer is an ideal choice. San is modern and compact giving enough space on laboratory desk. The analyzer comes with all the features of the Skalar San++ series. The device is versatile as it can be extended for future use due to its flexible feature.

Peristaltic pump unit with 21 pumps is used to fit in three chemistry modules inside the chemistry section. The unit consists of an integrated bubble injector with a built-in air compressor, providing reproducible and accurate segmentation. In-line dialysis, digestion and distillation for complex applications such as total cyanide and total phenol are some of the features incorporated to provide the operator with a high level of automation and convenience to use. In addition to these, the analyzer comes with high-resolution digital photometric detectors for low-level detection.

Emphor DLAS, one of the finest laboratory equipment dealer in UAE believes that San compact is one of the best analyzers for laboratories with its full range of autosamplers. They offer automatic pre-and post-dilution of multiple sample matrices as well as automatic preparation of working standards.

The efficiency of San compact is commendable. It has software-controlled valves that allow fully automatic start and shut down. The programmable rinse cycles eliminate the need for operator intervention. This make than able for increased sample throughput and shortening lead time on results.


  1.  Compact and modular design
  2. Versatile and sustainable design, enabling for expansion in future.
  3. Quick start-up.
  4. Automatic high accuracy dilutions (requires 1050 & 1074 autosampler)
  5. High resolution, precision detectors
  6. Extended operation outside working hours due to automatic start-up and shut down
  7. Full analyzer control with FlowAccess V3 multi-tasking software package
  8. Skalar applications conform to standards such as ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, EBC and ASBC
  9. Various application areas are Water, Beer / Malt, Tobacco, Soil / Plant / Fertilizer etc.

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