Pharma companies are in a race to develop medicine and vaccine against the Covid-19. The industry needs to run with new rules, regulations and shift rapidly according to the demand of the changing situation across the globe.

Pharma companies play a vital role in producing life-saving drugs and other medical necessaries to control the pandemic. Right now, the scientific world is trying its best to create a vaccine for Covid-19 as no existing medicine can cure a positive patient. Medical companies are trying to combine medicines to make a new one for the treatment but haven’t broken any ice yet. Currently, tablets like Hydroxychloroquine, Oseltamivir, Lopinavir, Ritonavir are being used in combinations along with paracetamol, cough syrups to help patients. Trial medicines are the only possibility for the treatment now. Patients are having a really bad time fighting the infection and few of them survive through life-supporting machines. The demand for life-saving medicines, medical accessories, ICU equipment and sanitizers is constantly increasing. The medical industry sector is going through a crisis due to the spreading of the pandemic. The pharma companies are trying their best to make drugs and medicines available for all in this adverse situation.

It is essential to understand that pharma companies can’t stay afloat right now if they haven’t made necessary shifts in their working methodology. Digitalization is one such move incorporated by the industry. There are different processes for the production of medicines. Some of the processes can be more efficiently managed remotely through digitalization. This has helped the industry to follow safety measures and precautions put forward by the authority. The current crisis has been taken as a portal for a considerable change in how digitalization in pharma industries has become a need of the hour. It has also indicated the need for investment in incorporating technologies like cloud, data, and cybersecurity.

The constant demand for medicines calls for a fully-fledged production line so that they are made and supplied frequently. Many of the pharma companies across the globe are hit by the lockdown caused by the pandemic. The supply of raw materials, availability of labor due to travel restrictions etc. are a matter of concern for the industry but the situation, hopefully, will be more relaxed in the coming days. The current pandemic is therefore expected to have a drastic change in how industries work.

Countries are having varying lockdown measures across the globe trying to control the pandemic. Some countries haven’t placed strict lockdown on emergency sectors and pharma industries making the employees vulnerable to the pandemic. Even though various measures have been put forth, many processes are still done under personal supervision. Manual processes possess a great risk for the employees, industry and the medicine right now and the need to change is demanding as ever. Global pharma industries need to shift their technology and investment into the digital medium so that the pandemic can be contained more effectively and smoothly.

Pharma companies that have adopted digital methods are producing medicines and other medical accessories much better than conventional pharma companies. Companies dealing with APIs, excipients, formulations, equipment, etc. have now become familiar with digital technology for remote working. Though digitalization has been part of the wish list for many companies, it has now become the need of the hour.
The industry has understood the possibility of digitalization. Digitalization can help automate several processes like quality check and assurance, manufacturing, etc. remotely from home. It is important to safeguard the health of the industry workers by providing them with the best and safe ways to carry their work. Reviews and approvals can now be conveniently done through online channels now. This helps in controlling the workers in the production line by effectively sorting them into various shifts and managing the worker population can bring down the spread of the pandemic. Pharma companies should invest time and resources in finding relevant digital platforms that can bring down the adverse effects.

When pharma companies are digitized, a considerable amount of time is cut from the process of approval and clearance from the authority as most of the process can be completed online. This enabled the control body to take action swiftly. With the pandemic knocking our door, it is urgent that we need to change our working methodology to help contain the virus. Digitalization also reduces redundant and repetitive works, cuts short the time and efforts of employees and increases the productivity and efficiency of the pharma companies. The current global situation demands a rapid change in how we work and accept a new normal.

We have understood that we are vulnerable to future infections and need to be prepared well before anything worse happens. Investing in digitalization can give long-lasting advantages. The new normal has to be accepted and comprehended for the better future. Emphor DLAS, a leading life and analytical science service provider now sell products of Caliber technologies. Caliber technologies products are used in Quality management in many multiple national companies.