902, 2024

Speed, Accuracy, Efficiency: Unveiling the Power of Discrete Analysers in Environmental Labs

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Tired of sampling water and loading it in a cuvette? Need a solution that automates most of the work? Presenting an innovation of Discrete Analysers in UAE. Discrete analysers have a long and successful [...]

2905, 2023

Introducing the ZwickRoell Touchscreen Rockwell Hardness Tester : Streamlining Hardness Testing for Improved Efficiency

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ZwickRoell Indentec has launched a new touchscreen Rockwell hardness tester which aims to simplify and enhance the Rockwell hardness testing process. The machine builds on the long-lasting quality and success of the ZHR range. [...]

2704, 2022

Why is Finding the right laboratory equipment for schools Essential?

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Educational lab equipment for students is mandatory to perform necessary science experiments by students themselves and attain practical science knowledge. Therefore, finding the right laboratory equipment for schools is necessary to provide supreme quality [...]