Laboratories are filled with different kinds of glassware according to their measurement and purpose. Emphor DLAS is a leading life and analytical science solution provider in UAE briefly explains various glassware they have stocked up in their stores. Order online now.


Laboratory equipment plays an important role in the development of research, learning and experiments. Emphor DLAS explains how the right laboratory equipment is essential for students to learn science without errors. Most of the subjects in the science department demand proof and calibration, the need for a well-equipped laboratory is a daily necessity. This is where the laboratory glassware suppliers in UAE are doing a great job by providing adequate and quality supplies to the schools and colleges.

In this article, Emphor DLAS discusses various laboratory glassware provided in the UAE currently.


Beaker: Beaker ranges from small to large and is a glass shaped cup used for holding a large or a small amount of solution. Normally beakers are made up of plastic material or any tempered glass material and they have a wide opening mouth for the easy pouring of the liquid. The beakers in the labs are used for conducting various experiments on chromatography and many more.

Test Tubes: Test tube is a laboratory glassware equipment, which is normally long glass tubes with which the reactions are observed. Test tubes can also be heated in the burner if required for the experiments.

Vials: A vial (also known as a phial or flacon) is a small glass or plastic vessel or bottle, often used to store medication as liquids, powders or capsules. They can also be used as scientific sample vessels; for instance, in auto sampler devices in analytical chromatography. Vials are used for collecting liquids in the form of droplets needed.

Pipette: Accuracy is the mainstay of this device which is used for dispensing liquid into the measuring cylinders. School laboratory glass manufacturers design pipettes to offer better precision in calculations.

Erlenymer Flaks: This equipment looks much like a beaker but the opening is normally narrow with a stopper attached to the mouth. The flask is used in the chemistry lab for heating chemicals and to maintain the vapour inside the flask. Thus they have a narrow mouth opening to retain the vapour.

Centrifuge: Centrifuge is laboratory equipment that spins at a rapid speed to separate the solutions within the vial. In the centrifugation process, the heavy objects settle down and the lighter float on the top. Centrifugation is done for DNA analysis and other experiments.

Reagent bottles: It is mostly used for holding chemicals for a longer duration in the laboratories. The coloured bottles in the laboratory are most. All the bottles are labelled with the name of the chemicals for the purpose of identification. As glass expands and contracts with changing temperature, the staffs at the test houses must take proper precaution regarding it. Larger reagent bottles are mainly used to store biological specimens.

Gas washing bottles: Saturation of liquid or gas with vapour is performed with glass washing bottles. It is generally filled with calcium chloride to use it as a gas tube. Most of the drying mechanisms in the chemical laboratories are done with this apparatus. The fitting apparatus in the bottle must be properly maintained as it has high-grade porosity.

Burette: Analytical chemistry requires a special apparatus to complete the experiments. Burettes are used as measuring cylinder while doing titration in the laboratory.

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