Why do every brand need Graphic inspection tools and how can these tools help build a greater brand value? Emphor Diagnostics and Life Analytical Sciences in the UAE are authorized distributors of Global vision products, read to learn more.

In 2020 the packaging industry has got a whole new dimension. Despite constant changes, companies find it tough to grow just because of packaging, graphic representation and manual proofreading. With the advancement of technology in quality control, automation has invaded all areas of production. Of these automation innovations, graphic inspection tools are being used worldwide. Emphor DLAS is the leading laboratory equipment suppliers has been a forerunner in providing graphic inspection tools in UAE from a globally trusted brand, Global Vision.

Graphics helps customers to distinguish between products and brands. Graphic illustrations help a brand to communicate with the brand. With a widely woke world around, it is important now to make clean and precise packaging. Graphics contribute to protecting and maintaining a strong brand identity and therefore needs to be consistent across all channels. Any error in graphics can send wrong information thereby tarnishing the identity of the brand.

Emphor DLAS observes various benefits in implementing a graphic inspection system in the workflow for both customer and the manufacturer. Experts at Life Science and Analytics at Emphor DLAS explains, 4 reasons why Graphic inspection tools are more important today than ever.

1. Faster Workflow

When graphics are inspected manually, it takes the Quality control department a long time to inspect artwork files and the work is often tedious. A graphic inspection tool would help the department to check the file quickly and make the workflow smoother and faster in each stage of production. Automation when done effectively can reduce 50% time on proofreading alone. This maximized productivity would essentially multiply the workforce, eliminate inefficiencies, and give companies the ability to allocate more resources to bigger projects.

2. Comparison and Correction

Artwork errors can pose great danger to industries like pharmacy and life science. There is always a chance of human error even while best efforts are put into proofreading. These errors can range from wrong spelling to a misplaced image. Therefore, by installing a graphic inspection tool, one can reduce the chance of error considerably and ensure that all errors are detected early on before they are sent to the production line.

An automation graphics inspection tool can pinpoint exact differences in artwork faster and more accurately than any proofreader would be able to do. Global Vision’s graphics inspection software allows the proofreader to run side-by-side comparisons of an artwork revision file and the approved version with pixel-to-pixel accuracy, ensuring there are absolutely no errors between the two. It also provides quick results without wasting time.

3. Errors and Rectifications

Proofreading is usually tedious and takes long hours to finish. On automation, the process can be finished digitally. Global vision proofreading systems can cut downtime by 20-30 seconds per inspection and complete the project within the schedule.
Finding errors before the printing starts can help to cut costs and time. From artwork creation to prepress stages, implementing a graphics inspection tool across your workflow eliminates any delays from all departments. This also means faster correction of errors and formulating new methods to avoid errors in the first place.

4. An Edge over Others

With a competitive world out there, it is important that the packaging needs to be on par with competitors. Installing a graphic inspection tool can help you have an edge over others and shows that your brand cares for customers. Customers tend to embrace technological advancement and thus trust the output, therefore, when one business turns automated, customers naturally turn towards them with trust and reliability. A graphics inspection software acts as an extra layer of security that gives your business an edge when it comes to technology.

Emphor DLAS authorized dealers of trusted Global Vision Graphic inspection systems in the UAE. Implementing the system in your business is going to be time-saving and cost-effective. This also enables the business to stand with modern age technologies which guarantee better business growth. To check Global Vision products in Emphor DLAS, please follow the link: Laboratory equipment suppliers in UAE.