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Introducing the ZwickRoell Touchscreen Rockwell Hardness Tester : Streamlining Hardness Testing for Improved Efficiency

Zwickroell Touchscreen Rockwell Hardness Tester

ZwickRoell Indentec has launched a new touchscreen Rockwell hardness tester which aims to simplify and enhance the Rockwell hardness testing process. The machine builds on the long-lasting quality and success of the ZHR range. With a brand-new touchscreen interface to make Rockwell hardness testing simple and more consistent. The Hardness test method offers rapid, accurate and efficient hardness testing methods like optical measurement of the indentation, depth measurement method, energy measurement, measurement under constant test load and measurement under preload after the additional test load has been removed. These methods apply to a wide range of industries and applications.

Emphor DLAS is ZwickRoell’s sole channel partner in the UAE and is pleased to provide the latest ZHR Touchscreen Rockwell hardness testing device from Indentec, the ZwickRoell division which specialises in hardness testing.

In this article, we shall get clear knowledge of the product features and the benefit it provides;

Models and Standards

The ZwickRoell Indentec Rockwell hardness tester has two models: the ZHR4150 and the ZHR8150.

The ZHR4150 is a Rockwell hardness tester with preload of 10kgf and test loads of 60, 100, and 150kgf.

The ZHR8150 is a combined Rockwell and superficial Rockwell hardness tester with preloads of 3 and 10kgf and test loads of 15, 30, 45, 60, 100, and 150kgf.

Both models have a wide range of applications set with different ISO and ASTM standards for Rockwell hardness testing with an automatic testing sequence.

Range of applications

  • Rockwell Metals (ISO 6508, ASTM E 18)
  • Rockwell Plastics (HRα (Alpha), ISO 2039-2, ASTM D785)
  • Rockwell Carbonaceous Materials (DIN 51917)
  • Ball Indentation Plastics (ISO 2039-1)
  • Rockwell Ball HR2.5
  • Brinell (Depth Method) HBT
  • Brinell (ISO 6506, ASTM E 10)
  • Vickers (Depth Method) HVT
  • Superficial Rockwell (ISO 6508 and ASTM E18)
  • Elastic and laminate floor coverings (ISO 24343, ASTM F1913, F1303)

Intuitive Interface

The new touchscreen interface of the ZwickRoell Rockwell hardness tester has been designed with ease of user experience as its guiding principle. The interface simplifies test set-up parameters, testing procedures, and results handling, making the ZHR the most efficient and simple-to-use Rockwell tester available. With testXpert styling, ZwickRoell users will already be familiar with the format and layout, whilst multi-language support ensures users can work in their convenient language at the push of a button.

Unique Accessibility

The ZHR range features an innovative nose-mounted indenter that provides unrivalled visibility of location and accessibility for difficult-to-access measurement points. Internal part surfaces can be evaluated without further machining or sample preparation. Coupled with either one of our many anvil options or a custom anvil for your part, the ZHR range makes testing almost any component simple, rapid, and efficient.

Interface Options

The ZHR interface comes in two varieties: the primary interface on the ZHR4150 and the advanced interface on the ZHR8150. Both utilise the same 7-inch full-colour recessive touchscreen.

Both interfaces can provide firmware updates in-situ by ZwickRoell service engineers, enabling the latest firmware to be available long after purchase, ensuring your machine works well throughout its lifetime.

Basic Interface- ZHR4150

The primary interface of ZHR4150 has a simple, easy-to-use display and easy-to-read the result, maintains the last 20 test results, automatic scale indication, multi-language support, and output data to testXpert, USB stick or computer.

Advanced Interface- ZHR8150

The advanced interface of ZHR8150 has data statistics and averaging, go/ no-go evaluation limits, automatic scale conversations, automatic curvature corrections, results histogram display, sample standard deviation display, calculation limits, and many more.

ZHR4150 vs ZHR8150

The ZHR4150 provides all regular Rockwell scales, utilising precise spring force application. It comes with a basic touchscreen user interface, the ideal combination of high, dependable quality and cost. The ZHR4150 can be factory upgraded to a deadweight force application, the advanced user interface when purchased with the deadweight force application, and an extended height version is available for larger samples.

Types of Rockwell Hardness Scales and Rockwell Hardness Measurement Apps

Rockwell hardness scales have the A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, and L scales, indicating hardness using a specific load and indenter type. There are several applications for measuring depth and distance, but a few for determining Rockwell hardness. The Rockwell hardness measurement app is available for smartphones and tablets. The device’s camera and image analysis algorithms are used to measure and analyse the indentation left by the Rockwell indenter on the material surface.

  • This application makes it simple to convert hardness values by Rockwell test techniques while on the road.
  • Hardness can be easily determined using practical value calculators, such as those used for Vickers curvature correction.
  • The integrated distance calculator for indentions ensures conformity with requirements.

Download the app here:

Google Play Link

Apple App-Store Link

It should be noted that these apps may not be as exact as specialised Rockwell hardness tests, and the findings should be considered approximate rather than precise readings. Furthermore, the accuracy of the measurements may be affected by the device’s camera and the lighting circumstances in which the measurements are taken.

What is an Automated Test Sequence?

An automated test sequence in Rockwell hardness testing machines is a specified set of automatic testing stages. A computerised test sequence’s objective is to ensure that the testing process is consistent, dependable, and repeated. This eliminates the possibility of operator error and variability. The utilization of an automatic testing cycle along with a precision measurement resolution of 10 nm and automatic conversion to different scales, ensures both time efficiency and reliable assurance of accurate and reproducible test results.

An automated test sequence typically includes the following steps:

Specimen preparation: The test specimen is prepared according to the required specifications and is placed in the testing machine.

Indenter selection: The appropriate indenter is selected based on the materials being tested and the desired Rockwell hardness scale.

Test load application: The testing machine applies a predetermined load to the specimen, typically using a load cell or hydraulic system.

Initial depth measurement: The depth of the indentation made by the indenter is measured automatically using an electronic transducer or optical system.

Load removal: The load is removed from the specimen, allowing the indenter to rebound to its original position.

Final depth measurement: The final depth of the indentation is measured automatically, and the difference between the initial and final depth measurements is used to calculate the Rockwell hardness value.

Test result calculation and reporting: The testing machine calculates the Rockwell hardness value and reports it automatically, along with other relevant test parameters and data.

Automated test sequences can be programmed and customised to meet specific testing requirements which can be stored and recalled for future use. This ensures the testing process is standardised and consistent, regardless of the operator or testing environment.


We offer the best combination of Rockwell and superficial Rockwell equipment that uses dead weight force application to cover all the scales. The new touchscreen Rockwell hardness tester from ZwickRoell Indentec is a reliable and efficient tool that can soon become an asset for your business. We provide the best Rockwell hardness testing machine in Dubai, Contact us for more details.


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