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Life – Science Equipment Suppliers in the UAE


Emphor LAS- UAE’s internal supplier of life science equipment contributes to region’s innovation growth

The UAE is a market of imported goods, hence, in order to flourish as the global center hub of innovation, industrial sectors in the UAE strive to discover their own innovative agenda to contribute to the betterment of the economy.

Presently, the UAE’s Life Science sector has many opportunities for innovation. Increases in the grant of patents to inventors provides an opportunity to manufacture a mass production of generic pharmaceuticals. This makes UAE self-sufficient, decreasing the need for imports.

The Need for Life sciences in the UAE

The effects of climate change on daily habits and health of living beings are drastic, with infections and diseases on the rise. In the MENA region, there is an increase in diabetes, moreover, the recent increase of death in marine life in Abu Dhabi threatens the environment.

The invention of drugs helps sustain life, but if not used right it gives birth to side effects and new infections. Importing drugs is time consuming and expensive, which hinders meeting urgent needs.

Need for Life Science Suppliers

It is not easy to develop the full potential of an innovation alone; Deep research, team work and skill are needed to manufacture a product of good quality, and let’s not forget the right supplies and equipment.

Though technology has advanced a lot of equipment, it is important to find the right tools to enhance your product quality as it can play a huge role in the manufacturing process. For this, one needs to research on the equipment available to known suppliers, shortlist their options, and approach accordingly.

Dubai-based Emphor LAS helps customers transform data and insights into informed decisions and offers customers the latest technological solutions.

As the leading laboratory equipment supplier in UAE, Emphor LAS supplies molecular biology equipment, microbiology equipment, microscopy, X-Ray/PET/CT/UCT/SPEC/Optical/BLI/NIR, imaging systems for gels, blots, tissues for small animals, cell counters, colony counters and more for life sciences.

Emphor LAS

Emphor LAS is the Life and Analytical Division of the Centena group. Consisting of a team of well- trained professionals, they bring technological solutions to the market to support developments in nanoscience, forensics, alternative energy, the green revolution and more.



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