The digitalization of laboratories provided quick results and precise solutions. The laboratory information management system or LMS in UAE are now modernizing laboratory for the greater good.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has become an unavoidable addition to the modern laboratories across the world. Pharma companies which have embarrassed digitalization are trying to increase the productivity and efficiency of daily usage.

LIMS enables a smoother workflow inside the laboratory. Digitalization has become a convenience for the lab yielding greater productivity. This allows us to overcome the conventional methods of taking data and storing. Once the results are fed into the system, scientists don’t need to turn the pages and check. It also reduces transcriptional and other human errors to ensure efficiency. In some Pharma companies now have less human interaction allowing an error free outcome. Automation at your lab with LIMS in UAE will increase efficiency and accuracy with no extra effort.

LIMS upholds Data Integrity

Manual checking of data has become tedious and laboratories and pharma companies have completely used LIMS for ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to guidelines put forth by medical authorities. The system will ensure accuracy and traceability in lab processes providing high data integrity.

Data correlation

The LIMS system automatically fetches the results of each experiment performed and ensures recording of every minute detail for audit purpose. The user need not remember any details for future reference. Complete details of the analysis performed will be available in records and audit trail. 

Details of equipment and Chemicals.

Managing inventory can be done efficiently with a Laboratory Management System (LMS). The software can store details like expiry, stock left are all available easily. Alerts to avoid delay or stagnancy in process ensure timely action.

In a hospital scenario, patients are automatically updated via SMS or email with the help of the LMS system. Concise test results are sent as SMS or PDF attached emails. The software also keeps patients informed from time to time about the progress of laboratory tests, which helps them to gain trust and to confirm the progress.

 Great utilization of time

Coming back to laboratories where experiments are constantly performed, a scientist can easily pull out old data and read to collaborate with the latest outputs. It involves a lot of time and effort of the reviewer. With automation of the review process and usage of review by exception (RBE) concept in LIMS, the process is accelerated, and review time is decreased. Any portion of the result can be checked and reviewed. LMS also predicts future results from the ones obtained now.

Alerts and Maintenance.

With LMS in place, you needn’t worry about uncalibrated instruments or equipment because the robust and firm LMS system alerts about false calibration and requests preventive measures for better usage of the equipment.

A complete lab solution provider

The system provides complete analysis on sample data, test results and other information through the interface. It also provides analysis and collective study of results based on latest developments in the experiments globally. It helps in ironing out all the issues beforehand and to ensure better productivity. 

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