Make the right choice when it comes to Cell counter. Logos Biosystems introduces the new Luna FX 7 cell counter for the next generation labs. Read to know more.

Cell counter is a device used for counting dead and living cells in a culture. Any scientific research that deals with cell culture needs to have some sort of cell counting machine, to determine the density of cells. A cell-counting machine enables to find the cell concentration prior to cell passage or cell viability following a drug treatment. Both manual and automated cell counters are available. Manual cell counting is usually done using a hemacytometer, a glass slide with a counting grid. Automated cell counters operate either via electrical sensing method, direct imaging either on a disposable slide or in a flow chamber or flow cytometry. The main criteria in choosing the right cell-counter device is its ability to access cell viability. Electrical impedance generally cannot differentiate between live and dead cells.  Imaging-based approaches can, by using trypan blue to stain dead (but not live) cells, just as in classic hemacytometry.

Luna FX 7

Luna FX 7 from Logos Biosystems is a trusted and reliable cell counter available. You can obtain one from Emphor DLAS, who are trusted dealers of life and analytical science products and solutions. It is built as the successor of the previous model. Believed to be one of the best cell counters till date, Luna FX 7 provides an unmatched cell counting accuracy and a maximum counting volume of 5 µL which is actually 10 times more than the conventional ones. The device has all new optics, dual fluorescence and brightfield illumination, a fast and precise autofocus, and multichannel pipette-ready 8-channel slides to count up to eight samples simultaneously. Luna FX 7 has a built in quality control feature to help monitor and optimize bioprocesses. Undoubtedly, Luna FX 7 improves the security and efficiency in a lab’s workflow.

Luna FX 7 comes in a compact size and design that fits into any lab environment. It is 245 x 280 x 240 mm sized and weighs 1.8 kgs for the device. The Luna FX 7 cell counter can be used in cell culture, cell counting, cell viability and quality control. Cell lines, Primary cells, Blood cells, Stem cells and GFP sample types can be used on Luna FX 7. The device requires an electrical input of 100- 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz and 1.5 A. The Luna FX 7 has a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen for easy interface.

You can order one of Luna FX 7 from Emphor DLAS, experts in life and analytical science solution provider. They have a wide array of products and solutions for making scientific research precise and accurate.