ULT-Freezers are inevitable systems that all modern laboratories will need to possess. Most laboratories maintain their own ‘treasure chest’ which may contain irreplaceable research on important or costly reagents. It is therefore important to carefully research purchases of a new ULT freezer, i.e., a freezer that is suitable for your laboratory, may not be suitable for another.

So, what are the criteria to choose a ULT freezer?

Energy Efficiency

Energy is a limited resource, but it is essential for our society today. Reducing the amount of energy that each person uses unnecessarily is vital, to reducing fuel usage, and pollution and increasing cost savings. ULT freezers run continuously at very low temperatures; therefore, they will always be high energy consumers. But the amount of energy consumption varies depending on the brand and type of the freezer.

Despite technological advances such as improved compressors, insulation, and cabinet design, significant gains in energy efficiency are often made at the expense of thermal stability. Always choose an energy-efficient ULT-Freezer which can be stabilized with uniform performance.


A laboratory with its freezers in high use gains a quick temperature recovery. In fact, the temperature should be maintained as soon as possible when the freezer door is opened. It is also known as pull-down time or recovery time. Temperature stability issues can occur if the freezer is incapable of the rapid temperature of recovery. Hence, good temperature recovery and good temperature uniformity are the essential checks for the ULT-Freezer.

Also, be considerate of the materials because some of them may require quick freezing and stable temperature. Easy-to-open doors and ice-proof latches will allow the door to remain open for a longer period, improving the stability of the freezer.

A freezer works at its best with uninterrupted airflow inside the unit. An efficient tracking system can maximize storage space whilst maintaining correct air flow and ensuring the door remains open for a minimum amount of time.


ULT-Freezers are more efficient when kept in a stable cool ambient environment. The energy usage correspondingly increases as the ambient temperature increases. The recommended ambient temperature is 15 – 23°C.

Emergency Planning

With necessary preventative maintenance, ULT-Freezers tend to be providing a reliable service. Therefore, emergency planning is essential. Low-quality freezer construction will lead you to defrost within 5 hours of continuous working. In addition to running at minus 40 – 60°C, backup freezers can also be operated at that temperature to reduce energy use.

Also, you can track temperature changes and alarm the users of varying temperatures with an efficient monitoring system. CO2 and LN2 backup systems can assist in keeping the freezer cold for several hours.

Some ULT freezers use independent compressors so that if one fails, the other will maintain the temperature at around minus 60°C. This is usually a temporary solution, allowing similar response times to freezers with superior insulation and/or CO2 and LN2 backup systems.

Care and Maintenance

The poor maintenance, fatigue in mechanical systems, degraded lubricants, refrigerant loss, and loosening seals will decrease the efficiency of ULT freezers over time. The work-life and efficiency of the freezer can be extended with superior quality in construction. Get in touch with us for superior-built quality ULT freezers in Dubai.

Proper & Regular servicing of ULT freezers can help reduce energy consumption and achieve temperatures more effectively. Also, list out the top manufacturer that not only has producing quality but who provides a professional service with qualified professionals. Premium manufacturers provide diagnostics and maintenance features (such as easy-to-remove filters and inner doors), as well as a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. Another important factor to consider is whether mechanical parts will readily be available from the manufacturer.

Follow the guidance below to enhance your system:

  • Good Daily Practice
  • Maintaining a good inventory system in a freezer will minimize door opening time and increase temperature recovery
  • Open the minimal number of inner doors and close them immediately after use
  • Ensure both the inner doors and outer doors are properly shut to prevent ice from being formed.
  • Clean the Ice on the doors at regular intervals. This ensures the door can close properly and maintain the temperature. To avoid ice formation on the door seals, grab frost-resistant gaskets.
  • Avoid conjunction inside the freezer
  • The freezer should be monitored regularly to ensure the correct temperature is maintained.
  • Maintain a cool ambient temperature.
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Maintain a clean air filter and air intake.
  • Check the vent tube monthly
  • Clean door seals, lid seals, and surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Keep inner doors free from ice.
  • Keep door handles and hinges well lubricated and easy to move with general-purpose oil or spray grease.
  • Annually, or whenever the freezer compartments are excessively iced due to heavy usage, defrost the freezer. Please ensure adequate gloves are worn.
  • Using the alarm test button, it is important to regularly check the power fail alarms.

For more in-depth troubleshooting, refer to the operating manual supplied with the freezer at the time of purchase.


Consider the above-mentioned points before jumping into any ULT Freezers. Know your laboratory requirements and rely upon one which fulfils all your needs. Reach out to us for the best Laboratory Equipment Supplier in Dubai.