How do you make water fit for experiments? Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 is a robotic water analyzer that can make your laboratory results close to real.

People think that when the water is clear and looks good, it’s perfectly clean without any kind of foreign material in it, but the truth is that the water is still not clean and pure. While it may be obvious to test the H2O for pollution if it is dirty, clean drinking water can harbour dangerous chemicals and bacteria that are incredibly dangerous if ingested and unclean for any laboratory purposes.

There are many different water analysis methods that can be done in a laboratory with various scientific laboratories equipment. Choosing to run tests on your H2O supply is the best way to ensure that your H2O is pure.

There can be any number of microbiological contamination or chemicals in the water. It is a good idea to run a test on the water before taking it for any scientific experiment. There are many different tests that can be performed to identify the risks that are in your water. Usually, someone who has experience in water testing can complete a test on-site. When you choose to run a test on water, you are becoming a responsible scientist working for the most precise solutions and values.

Robotic analyzers from Skalar

Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 robotic platform offers dedicated and flexible automation solutions for routine analytical testing. Automation is available for a variety of applications including BOD, COD, Test kit applications (ST-COD, TP, TN etc.), pH, Conductivity (EC), Alkalinity, Carbonate/Bicarbonate, Turbidity, Color, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) applications and Particle size distribution analysis in soil, Automatic weighing and filtration of the sample, Automatic sample pipetting etc.. Combinations of analyses or custom-made applications are also possible. All applied methods are in compliance with international regulations ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, DIN etc.

Skalar also launched their latest Robotic software package for controlling robotic analyzers. They can be easily set up and great data processing with accuracy and smoothness makes it an ideal analyzer. All running and scheduled analyses can be tracked in the planner. The status of the running analysis can be followed on the screen and results are displayed in real-time. During the run, it is possible to add priority samples and exclude samples from measuring. The test results can be obtained on readable files which can be backed up and retrieved later.

The software ensures to provide accurate and quality results with Skalar innovative quality control features. The results obtained can be interpolated with previous results to understand better. The software allows you to retrieve selected data from a certain time period by viewing the graph.

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