With Covid-19 pandemic spreading across the globe, businesses are turning online. Emphor LAS, an essential scientific world complimenting business has now started providing certain products online. Read on to know more about online shopping in the times of Covid-19.


Shopping behaviour is changing rapidly with the outbreak of a pandemic. Covid-19 has made customers stay indoor and do the shopping online. Studies show that there is an increase of 30.6% on online shopping compared to last year. With the retail stores closed, online shopping is definitely going to see a surge. The human behaviour and habits would be changed drastically and that will also be impacting on various things like shopping for instance. The number of people that are safe to gather at a place has dwindled from thousands to hundreds, to ten. Places like malls, restaurants and bars have been closed in almost all major cities.


In most countries, lockdown happened overnight. The sudden isolation and uncertainty have brought changes in shopping environments. People are changing what they are buying, when and how. People have raised worries about the safety of receiving online orders after scientists have declared the chances of virus staying over various surfaces. Various studies on this now claim that Covid-19 wouldn’t survive on purchased packages. And the shipping and transport conditions are tough for Covid-19 infections to spread, so it’s not likely you’ll be exposed via package. Online shopping was convenient and comfortable before the pandemic but many people loved the idea about shopping and shopping was considered a fun engagement for the family. With social distancing practices all over the globe to contain the spread of infection, there will be naturally drop in usual shopping practices. There will be an increase in online shopping as people turn to e-commerce to purchase the items they might have otherwise purchased in person. It is also noted that almost everything and anything which even including the toilet tissue papers is now available online.


Emphor LAS is now providing labware and lab plastic wares through its e-commerce channel. Understanding the demand of the scientific world in fighting Covid-19, online ordering is now available for selected labware and plastic wares. Going forward, Emphor LAS explains some general advantages of using online shopping.


  1. Saves Time
    You needn’t check for lockdown measures in your area and stay at home while you order any product online. It saves time and unnecessary conversations with law enforcement officials. It is always better to stay indoors during a pandemic.
  2. Wide Range of Products
    Online shopping provides you with different options on products to choose from. You can check for different labware and plastic ware that fits your requirement than making a compromise.
  3. Easy on Pocket
    Online portals provide regular offers and discounts. You can get your desired products on a lower price than the market price with discount coupons or offers. You can also filter your search with the price range so that you are given the best choices for the money you have.
  4. Payment Options
    Since the pandemic spread is largely due to touch, e-commerce portals have suggested using online payment options over cash on delivery.
  5. Experience
    Since staying at home is important, e-commerce sites are revamping their webpages with a user-friendly interface which is suitable for everyone. The online experience is made much better than before to make everything at comfort and convenience.


Emphor LAS has opened online shopping for selected products. The products are essential for various industries to continue their effort in containing the virus. You can follow the link https://emphordlas.com/products/ to check the various products listed online or you may directly contact them at +971 4 3392601.