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Speed, Accuracy, Efficiency: Unveiling the Power of Discrete Analysers in Environmental Labs

Discrete analysers in UAE

Tired of sampling water and loading it in a cuvette? Need a solution that automates most of the work? Presenting an innovation of Discrete Analysers in UAE. Discrete analysers have a long and successful history in the clinical markets and other areas of water testing.

Let us learn more about the discrete analysers and how they help in achieving speed, accuracy and efficiency in environmental labs.

What is a Discrete Analyser?

Discrete analysers are an integrated platform for testing various environmental or food samples. They have two parallel measurement techniques at once, photometric and electrochemical readings. Such readings are beneficial for understanding several parameters for water quality monitoring.

Moreover, a discrete analyser also helps in soil analysis, drinking water analysis, and sewage and wastewater analysis. The metrics and measurement of these tests help you to compare between the normal standards and test results.

Discrete Analysers and Their Power to Achieve Optimum Test Results

A traditional water testing method uses multiple operators who are specialised in handling a part of the task. They often provide results which are inaccurate due to manual interventions and lack of precision during test runs.

Discrete analysers are a one-stop solution for ensuring accurate results using speed and efficiency. The utility of modern discrete analysers is as follows:

1. Batch Processing of Samples

Using a discrete analyser, you can start batch-processing of samples. This endeavour is possible due to the 100 sample positions available over 5 racks of 20 sample trays. Therefore, it becomes fundamentally easier for you to start testing samples by assigning them a unique ID and testing their parameters. Moreover, it is easier for you to control the temperature of each sample run as per your test requirements.

However, there must be enough reagent capacity for running such multiple batches of sample run. Thus, you must use a Skalar discrete analyser that helps to process samples using its large reagent storing capacity.

2. Automation in Processing Bulk Samples

Choosing an analyser having an extended cuvette loading position helps you conduct tests speedily. This not only increases your efficiency but it helps to get results for multiple samples at once. Therefore, you must seal a discrete analyser deal that provides you with an option for processing samples automatically.

With some premium discrete analysers, it is easy to perform above 600 sample tests in a single time without any operator intervention. Such a feat is possible as the automatic loader, loads samples into the cuvette, without any issues or chances of spilling.

3. Disposable Cuvettes for Removing Contamination

It is necessary to maintain optimum cleanliness for performing a test. Thus, you need to choose a discrete analyser that automatically disposes of cuvettes having toxic reagents inside them. Choosing a product that has a separate space to store toxic cuvettes or used cuvettes for disposal is always a necessary intervention.

Moreover, using a discrete analyser that automates the removal of waste, the samples that are being tested become safe. Thus there are no chances of false positives or problems in the sample runs or chances of contamination from previous test runs.

4. Needle Dispensing Technology

This is an advanced technology that uses a single needle to dispense reagents and samples into a cuvette. The cuvette dispensing is more accurate when a single needle is used for all measurements.

Thus, ensuring the proper volume of sample and reagent into a specific cuvette. Moreover, for achieving maximum precision in sample and reagent mixing a long-lasting high-precision pump is used.

Therefore, such a discrete analytical measure helps in gathering data from a report in a streamlined and efficient manner. Moreover, the needle must have a preheat function for heating the samples to the reaction temperature before a test is performed.

Moreover, ensure that your cuvettes used in the test have a path length of 15 millimetres, to reduce the parts per billionth level detection.

5. Optical Measurement for Sample Processing

After the reaction process is over, there must be a system that generates results for your sample testing. Therefore, invest in a smart discrete analyser that has a halogen light source and a filter wheel. Such an arrangement helps you to check your samples in the presence of different wavelengths of light.

Some discrete analysers can measure a sample for 8 different light wavelengths. However, due to the availability of several filters for wavelength operator intervention is not a necessity. You can easily test a sample for several wavelengths at once! Moreover, ensure that your discrete analyser can produce results efficiently in a short period.

6. Heavy Duty Software

Having a touchscreen panel and unique software helps to improve your testing capacity and achieve accurate results. Thus, you need to have a software package in a discrete analyser that is updated as per the modern laboratory requirements.

Moreover, a discrete analyser software that has an easy-to-use interface helps you run a test through a technician in a few minutes.

Moreover, having a suitable software package like DiscreteAccess helps you to update batch or random processing of samples using LIMS. LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management System, and it helps to perform and note test results in a convenient way for reading.

Therefore, these are some of the powers a discrete analyser has for managing and testing samples. Moreover, with such discrete analytical power, it can test for several parameters like alkalinity, aluminium, ammonia, calciuṃ, nitrite and others.

Thus, it is an important laboratory equipment that can test and help you maintain safe and reliable water sources. It naturally helps you to eliminate environmental and health-related risks.

Wrapping up, discrete analysers in UAE is useful for maintaining quality environmental lab output. They help to automate, streamline and process samples in batches to maintain healthy water standards.

Choose an environmental lab that has certifications from regulatory bodies like ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

At Emphor Diagnostic Life and Analytical Science, you can find premium analytical tools that can suit your requirements regarding environmental discrete analysers.


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