Laser Diffraction Systems

///Laser Diffraction Systems


Since the release of the the first commercially available particle size analyzer in 1974, Microtrac has been at the forefront of delivering laser diffraction systems. By continuously improving the instrument technology, Microtrac offers customers a robust portfolio of laser diffraction instruments that’s ideal for particle sizing and characterization.

What sets Microtrac’s laser diffraction instruments apart:-

  • Patented tri-laser design utilizing all red lasers, all blue lasers or a combination. These different configurations give better accuracy depending on the size of your particles.
  • Fixed optics with solid state laser diodes provide long-lasting ruggedness, reliability, and requires zero stabilization time.
  • Fourier optical system delivers the optimal pattern of light by assuring that the angle of incidence is constant.
  • Always-on volume direct detectors are collecting light throughout the entire measurement, providing the most amount of data for analysis and reporting.