2100AN Laboratory Turbidimeter, USEPA 180.1, 230V

//2100AN Laboratory Turbidimeter, USEPA 180.1, 230V
  • 2100AN-Laboratory

2100AN Laboratory Turbidimeter, USEPA 180.1, 230V

Instrument can perform colour measurement and meets EPA requirements

Features built-in printer, 455nm filter for Pt-Co colour measurement, and 4-detector ratio measurement, providing precise results and compensation for colour interference.

  • With white light in line with EPA
  • Wide measuring range thanks to RATIO optical system: 0.001 – 10,000 NTU
  • Simple calibration
  • Intuitive operationn
  • For opalescence in line with Pharm. Eur. 5.0

Product Description


Absorbance:0.001 Abs on lowest range
Accessories:Flow-Cell Kit, color filter modules, cell adapter kits, sample degassing kit
Accuracy:± 2 % of reading plus 0.01 NTU from 0 – 1000 NTU
±5% of reading from 1000 – 4000 NTU
±10% of reading from 4000 – 10000 NTU
 of reading plus
Air purge:0.1 scfm at 69 kPa , hose barb connection for 1/8 in tubing, maximum 138 kPa. Dry nitrogen or instrument-grade air.
Compliance certifications:UL/CSA
Cuvette compatibility:25 mm round; 12, 13, 16, and 19 mm round with optional adapter kit
 round, with adapter kit
 round, with adapter kit
Dimensions (H x W x D):156 mm x 400 mm x 305 mm
Display type:8-digit LED display
Includes:Instrument, sample cells, StablCal calibration standards, silicone oil, oiling cloth, dust cover, manual, power cord with Continental European plug, EPA filter, 455nm color filter, printer paper
Interface:RS232 serial (bi-directional)
Manual languages:English, Spanish, German
Max. operating humidity:90 %
Measuring mode:NTU, Nephelo, EBC, ABS, %T, Color, ASC
Measuring range:0 – 10000 FNU
 0 – 10000 NTU NTU mode, ratio on: auto, auto-decimal
 0 – 10000 NTU NTU mode, ratio on: manual
 0 – 9.99 NTU NTU mode, ratio on: manual
 0 – 99.9 NTU NTU mode, ratio on: manual
 Ratio On: Manual 0 – 10000 NTU mode, ratio on: manual
Operating temperature range:0 – 40 °C
Power supply:
 115 – 230 VAC; 50 to 60 Hz; 60 VA maximum
Printer:Built-in (thermal, 58-mm, up to 28 column)
Regulatory:USEPA method 180.1
Repeatability:± 1 % of reading or ± 0.01 NTU, whichever is greater
Response time:6.8 s with signal averaging off
14 s with signal averaging on
Sample volume:30 mL with 25 mm sample cell
2.5 mL with 12 mm
3.5 mL with 13 mml
5 mL with 16 mml
7 mL with 19 mm
Serial input interface:RS232 serial interface (bidirectional)
Stabilisation time:30 min with ratio on
Stabilization time:60 min with ratio off
Storage conditions:-40 °C – 60 °C
User interface:Button
User programmes:2
Warranty:2 years
Weight:3.77 kg


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