856 Conductivity Module

///856 Conductivity Module
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856 Conductivity Module

Conductivity measuring module as supplement to an existing Titrando system or “stand-alone” in combination with a 900 Touch Control. With the 856 Conductivity Module, not only conductivity and temperature can be determined, but also TDS and salinity.


Product Description

It supports state-of-the-art conductivity measuring cells, i.e. 5-ring measuring cells.
Thanks to the galvanically isolated measuring input, pH value and conductivity can be measured in the same beaker without interference.

The Conductivity Module is equipped with two USB interfaces for connecting printers, barcode readers or sample changers and four MSB interfaces for stirrers or Dosinos.
Both in conjunction with the 900 Touch Control as stand-alone instrument and also integrated in tiamo™ full (from 2.0), it is in compliance with GLP and FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements.


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