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Different filling items to be used withour dark glass bottles, are available.Fittings for flexible, different tubing’s
and Level Glass Systems for Safety cans are available.


Product Description


Used for ASTM D 2699, D2700 & D 613 and any other Standards where fuels transfer of volume control is required.

  • Dark glass bottles with cork. 500 ml & 1000 ml
  • Drums and bottles special corks with fast colored irreversible connectors
  • Fitting / draining & glass level differentcmodels. One for safety container connected to blender, one for fuels over flow recovery
  • Teflon stainless steel flexible with colored irreversible fast connectors.
  • Fitting / drainig & glass level complete assembly.
  • Safety containers of 10 & 20 litres, fully equipped with fitting / draining & glass level system


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