API 3200™ System

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API 3200™ System

The API 3200 LC-MS/MS System is a fully-integrated triple quadrupole mass spectrometer built using premier technology that combines sensitivity and selectivity with ruggedness and reliability, all in an affordable, compact package.

  • Innovative Turbo V™ Ion Source efficiently ionizes compounds over a wide range of flow rates, virtually eliminating cross-contamination, even with large sample loads
  • Patented LINAC® Collision Cell technology delivers superior MS/MS performance allowing faster scan times without compromising sensitivity or mass spectral quality
  • Simplifies cross-platform methods transfer
  • Gives meaningful results from every experiment

Product Description


High performance: The API 3200 LC-MS/MS System incorporates a number of proprietary mass spectrometry innovations to provide the performance and reliability required by demanding applications in regulated environments. The Turbo V™ Ion Source and patented LINAC® Collision Cell enable high-sensitivity quantitation of multi-component analyses over a wide range of flow rates. Together with the compact ion optics and pumping technology, this system ensures low limits of detection and quantitation for your lab.

Higher productivity: Rugged Curtain Gas™ Interface technology protects the interface region and quadrupole analyzer from contamination, reducing the need for routine maintenance. With this increase in uptime plus software that enables automated setup, analysis, and methods development, you can easily run hundreds of samples per day.

More value: With an unmatched heritage of technology innovation and dependability, the triple quadrupole API 3200 System offers an attractive blend of performance, throughput, and value.


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