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AST analysis and microbial identification ChromaZona

ChromaZona is an IVD certified instrument for automated antibiotic susceptibility testing and microbial ID, designed for speeding up testing in the clinical laboratory.


Product Description

Working to EUCAST and CLSI guidelines, the system’s sensitive CCD camera, unique three channel lighting and powerful Chromogenic ID software, microbial species on chromogenic plates can be identified in seconds. Then by accurately analysing zones around antibiotic discs and MIC strips using ChromaZona’s eAST software, appropriate antibiotics to treat the infection can be determined.

ChromaZona can be easily connected to a LIMS system or, if preferred, reports can be generated and stored in Excel, eliminating data transfer errors as well as providing the user with fully traceable information and reports. The stored results can be analysed at any time and used to identify and monitor incidence of bacterial resistance, helping to improve infection control.

ChromaZona is suitable for use in a CFR Part 11 environment.

  • Gives faster results in busy clinical laboratories working to EUCAST and CLSI guidelines
  • Automatically reads different plate types up to 150mm diameter
  • Generates true to life full colour images using multi-array LED lighting
  • Gives extensive report generation
  • Can be integrated into clinical environments with full traceability
  • Free six monthly software upgrades are provided to comply with EUCAST/CLSI updates

ChromaZona comes complete with eAST and Chromogenic ID software.

The eAST (easy Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing) software accurately measures zones around antibiotic sensitivity discs and with one click, results can be automatically compared to data from all the tested organisms that have minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) breakpoint values in the EUCAST and CLSI databases. The software will then list in seconds which antibiotics the microbial pathogens being tested are sensitive to, saving hours with manual analysis and cross referencing of expert rules.

eAST software offers:

  • Accurate zone measurements around discs
  • Automatic strip location and code recognition
  • Automatic comparison with EUCAST and CLSI guidelines
  • Rapid, objective interpretation of results
  • Guidance for antibiotic treatment options
  • Full traceability of results
  • Free software upgrades and no annual licence fee

The Chromogenic ID software is a unique colour recognition software designed to make identification of colonies on chromogenic agar accuate, objective and simple. A wide range of microbes can be cultured on media from suppliers including CHROMagar, E&O, ThermoFisher and Hardy Diagnostics and can be automatically identified. Organisms are quickly identified at the touch of a button and data and images stored as a permanent electronic record.

Chromogenic ID software offers:

  • Rapid microbial species identification
  • Consistent identification from user to user
  • Traceability and automated report generation
  • Expert technical database species comparison
  • Easily exports data to Excel
  • Free software upgrades and no annual licence fee


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