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Suncoater is an automated tablet coating system for efficient film coating of tablet cores with cGMP compliance in closed condition. The main pan unit consist of a cylindrical perforated pan with conical ends in a SS double – walled enclosure. During the coating process, coating fluids are sprayed (film coating) through multiple Air borne Spray gun mounted with in the pan.

Product Description

A Peristaltic Pump is employed for precise delivery of coating fluids. The tablet bed is gently and efficiently mixed during pan rotation with the aid of mixing baffles attached internally, with in pan. The coated tablet cores are dried with heated, dehumidified air supplied from an inlet AHU – which contains a Heating system as well as filtration system of 10 micron, 5 micron and 0.3 micron HEPA filters. As a result, applied coating is dried with non-contaminated, dust-free and optimized volumes of air, for producing uniformly coated tablet cores.

We are offering our clients wide range of Tablet Autocoater – Production Model machines at industry leading prices that are at par with international standards.

Capacity (Production Model)

  • Suncoater 24″ – 10-15 kgs
  • Suncoater 30″ – 20-30 kgs
  • Suncoater 36″ – 30-50 kgs
  • Suncoater 48″ – 120-150 kgs
  • Suncoater 60″ – 250-300 kgs


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