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BioFlo 415

Unique automated SIP process utilizes only a water supply and the system’s built-in electric heat blanket for sterilization.


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The New Brunswick BioFlo 415 sterilizable-in-place fermentor with advanced touchscreen interface, provides an unprecedented level of convenience and control for research through production applications. This cGMP-compliant, validatable benchtop system is uniquely capable of automatic sterilization using only your lab’s water supply and the unit’s built-in heater. With the ability to control up to 32 process loops and regulate one to four gasses, it’s an ideal system for high-yield production of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi in aerobic and anaerobic cultures.


  • Sophisticated RPC (Reactor Process Controller) software controls up to 32 process parameters, trends up to eight loops, and provides built-in security
  • Bright, easy-to-read, industrial touchscreen display for interactive system management and monitoring
  • Easily integrates your external devices including scales, analyzers or sensors for optimized yields
  • User-customizable trend graphs make it easy to track and export data. Trends up to eight loops simultaneously and saves up to ten of your recipes for repeated usage
  • Three interchangeable stainless-steel vessels
  • One Thermal Mass Flow Controller (TMFC) is standard, with multiple TMFCs optional through customization
  • Multiple impeller options are available


  • Pilot-scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Suitable for batch and fed-batch processes


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