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BioFlo 610

Pilot production system without the traditional cost or footprint. This modular system is offered with a comprehensive set of standard off-the-shelf options for rapid initial delivery, as well as easy customization at any time, should your process needs change. The entire system is built-on a mobile skid that fits through virtually any doorway, making it easy to move and share between labs in research, pilot plant and cGMP environments.


Product Description

Product Information

The New Brunswick BioFlo 610 is a compact, mobile, pilot-plant fermentor for process development and small-scale production. A modular design and wide variety of standard and optional components provide the flexibility to customize the system to meet your process requirements.

Working Volumes
› 16.0 L to 50.0L
› 32.0 L to 100.0 L

Gas flow control
› Single gas
› Two gas
› Overlay (valve only)

Gas flow
› 1 TMFC, 50 L vessels, 1.5  –  75 SLPM
› 1 TMFC, 100 L vessels, 3.0 – 150 SLPM
› 2 TMFC, 50 L vessels, 1.5 – 7/0.6 - 32 SLPM
› 2 TMFC, 100 L vessels, 3.0 –  150/1.0 - 64 SLPM

Exhaust line
› Exhaust condenser
› Automatic pressure control

› Rushton-type, standard
› Pitched-blade, optional
› Marine, optional

› Single or redundant pH/DO control
› Redox control
› Foam/level detection

Addition and sampling
› Resterilizable sampling valve
› Resterilizable addition valves (4 max)
› 3.8 cm sanitary fitting 7-port septum
› Addition vessels (glass/stainless steel)
› Sterile sampling assembly (kit of 3)

SCADA software
› BioCommand® Track and Trend
› BioCommand® Batch Control
› BioCommand® Batch Control Plus

› Basic Package
› Basic Plus Package
› Enhanced Package

Utility regulator and pre-filter kits
› Process air pre-filter/regulator kit
› Instrument air pre-filter/regulator kit
› Water pre-filter/regulator kit
› Process steam regulator kit
› Utility steam pre-filter/regulator kit
› Utility connection kit

Additional options
› Sprayballs for clean-in-place of vessel
› External variable-speed pumps
› External scales
› 8-port serial controller (RS-232)
› Spare parts kits
› Preventive maintenance kits
› System passivation
› Vessel electropolish
› Low seal pressure switch for double mechanical seal
› Glycol/chiller heat exchanger


  • RPC (Reactor Process Control) software
  • 50 L and 100 L 316L stainless-steel electropolished vessels with 3:1 aspect ratios
  • Integrated load cell
  • 3-Fixed speed peristaltic pumps for the additions, harvest and pH control
  • Mobile design
  • Includes rushton-type impellers as standard with pitched-blade and marine blade as optaional
  • Industrial touchscreen interface


  • Pilot-scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Special applications such as vaccine or biofuel/biopolymer production
  • Suitable for batch, fed-batch, and continuous processes


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