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BioFlo Pro

Large scale industrial system with full adherence to cGMP and GAMP®guidelines.


Product Description

Product Information

The BioFlo Pro are modular fermentation systems designed for quick delivery, dependable operation and system flexibility. Utilizing industry standard components for dependable operation, and an Allen Bradley™ CompactLogix™ Programmable-Logic Controller (PLC) the BioFlo Pro can easiiy be added to any production facility. The modular design enables options to be added or removed at any time to meet to meet changing process requirements.

Air inlet line
› Thermal Mass Flow Controller
› Dual inlet air filters (in series)
› Dual-inlet air flters with test integrity ports
› Gas overlay
› 2-gas mix (O2 supplementation)

› Rushton-type, standard
› Pitched-blade, optional
› Marine, optional

Addition or inoculation
› Addition valve (up to 5)
› 7-port or 12-port septums
› Stainless-steel addition vessels – 4 L, 7.5 L, 11 L, and 19 L
› Addition-vessel scales
› Glass bottles for addition/harvest, 0.25 –  10 L

Fermentors, all sizes
› 3:1 ratio
› Bottom-drive, double-mechanical seal

› 60 - 120 liter, 1.9:1 ratio, top-drive, double-mechanical seal
› 240 liter, 1.6:1 ratio, top-drive, double-mechanical seal
› 520 liter, 2:1 ratio, bottom-drive, double-mechanical seal

› Allen Bradley CompactLogix Controller
› 316L ASME code/CE stainless-steel vessel
› Automatic sterilization program
› Large, color, operator-interface terminal
› Open-frame piping skid
› Manual air flow control
› Safety features: head plate open interlock,
› Emergency stop, rupture disk, jacket-relief valve
› Automatic Temperature Control
› SIP/CIP-drain valve
› SIP inlet/exhaust filters
› Automatic agitation control
› Resterilizable harvest port
› NEMA-4-rated electrical cabinet



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