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equipped with Auto Zero and Overflow. 2 models available: 400 & 500 ml. Can be supplied, in option, with


Product Description


Manufactured according ASTM D 2699, D 2700 & D613.Can be used for any blending application. Scalemarking type on demand

Conditions of tests :
Burette volume is checked with distilled water after manufacturing for initial volume approval.
After this initial check, the verification tests are done with bi-distilled water.
The 3 tests of Verification have to be done imperatively successively.
Temperature is recorded during the test procedure, and used for density correction.
Drift of temperature must not be exceeding 1°C during complete test.
Tools used :
Balance with DKD certificate N° 209C-61 / DKD-K-14701 / 04-10. Certified COFRAC Mass N° S04 7476.
Thermometer with DKD connected certificate N°74865.
Bi-distilled water.
Document associated :
Procedure of edition of verification certificates PO_APP_04
Procedure of test :
1.Tools to be use for these tests :
Only Verification tools with valid Certification can be used. Before to start verification procedure, check expiration date
of the tools certificates. Balance and Thermometer are both required tools,
2.Procedure of verification:
Each burette is filled up to the maximum. Balance covered by DKD and/or COFRAC accreditation offices is used to
weight the volume manually recovered at 200ml (50%), 240ml (60%), 280ml (70%), 320ml (80%), 360ml (90%) and
400ml (100%). This step is repeated 3 times. Bottom of the graduation thickness is used for meniscus control. Average
values on 3 tests, Delta between average and temperature compensated value are used to validate the certificate.
Maximum Delta should not exceed ± factory limits. These data’s are mentioned on the certificate.



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