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CelliGen BioFlo 510

SIP benchtop reactors designed to meet the needs of R&D through production


Product Description

Product Information

The CelliGen 510 is a compact sterilizable-in-place cell culture system ideal for pilot to small scale production processes. The modular design features a wide variety of standard options allowing this system to be flexible enough to meet most process requirements.

Gas flow
› Various combinations of two, three or four TMFCs:
0.06 –   3 SLPM
0.3  –  15 SLPM
0.6  –   32 SLPM
1 –  64 SLPM
› Overlay with TMFC (0  –  15 or 0  –  32 SLPM)
› Air Wash System with TMFC (0  –  15 or 0  –  32 SLPM)
› Overlay valve only

Exhaust line
› Exhaust condenser
› Automatic pressure control

› Pitched-blade – Commonly used with mammalian, insect or other shear sensitive cell lines for batch, fed-batch, or continuous cultures. Produces axial and radial mixing
› Marine – Commonly used with mammalian, insect or other shear sensitive cell lines for batch, fed-batch, or continuous cultures. Produces axial mixing
› Spinfilter – For suspension or microcarrier cultures where a dip tube inside the filter withdraws cell media as harvest or waste
› Cell-Lift – Specially designed to provide uniform circulation for both suspension and microcarrier cultures. Can be used with optional decanting columns for perfusion cultures (40 L only)
› Packed-bed basket – For secreted products from anchorage-dependent and suspension cells, this impeller immobilizes cells in a bed of Fibra-Cel® disks to provide extremely high cell densities (40 L only)

› Single or redundant pH/DO control
› Redox control
› Foam/level detection

Addition and sampling
› Resterilizable sampling valve
› Resterilizable addition valves (4 max)
› Resterilizable addition/harvest valve with dip tube (2 max)
› 1.5 in sanitary fitting 7-port septum
› Addition vessels (glass/stainless steel)
› Decanters
› Sterile sampling assembly (kit of 3)

SCADA software
› BioCommand® Track and Trend
› BioCommand Batch Control
› BioCommand Batch Control Plus

› Basic Package
› Basic Plus Package
› Enhanced Package

Utility regulator and pre-filter kits
› Process air pre-filter/regulator kit
› Instrument air pre-filter/regulator kit
› Water pre-filter/regulator kit
› Process steam regulator kit
› Utility steam pre-filter/regulator kit
› Utility connection kit

Additional options
› Allen Bradley® CompactLogix™ PLC Control System
› Sprayballs for clean-in-place of vessel
› External variable-speed pumps
› External scales
› 8-port serial controller (RS-232)
› Spare parts kits
› Preventative maintenance kits
› Mobile table
› System passivation


  • RPC (Reactor Process Control) software or optional Allen Bradley PLC
  • 15.6 L and 32.0 L stainless-steel Electropolished vessels with 2:1 aspect ratios
  • Integrated load cell
  • 3-Fixed speed peristaltic pumps for the additions, harvest and pH control
  • Benchtop or Mobile option
  • Choice of pitched-blade, marine-blade, spin filter, cell-lift, or packed-bed impellers
  • industrial touchscreen interface


  • Laboratory- and pilot-scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Laboratory- and pilot-scale cell culture of mammalian, insect, and human cell lines
  • Special applications such as stem cell culture, vaccine, monoclonal antibody or biofuel/biopolymer production
  • Suitable for batch, fed-batch, and continuous/perfusion processes


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