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CelliGen pro

Large scale industrial system with full adherence to cGMP and GAMP®guidelines


Product Description

Product Information

The CelliGen Pro are modular fermentation systems designed for quick delivery, dependable operation and system flexibility. Utilizing industry standard components for dependable operation and an Allen Bradley™ CompactLogix™ Programmable-Logic Controller (PLC), the CelliGen Pro can easily be added to any production facility. The modular design enables options to be added or removed at any time to meet changing process requirements.

Exhaust line
› Exhaust condenser
› Automatic backpressure control
› Dual exhaust flters (in parallel)
› Single or dual exhaust filters with test integrity ports

› Four built-in fixed-speed addition pumps
› External variable-speed pumps (4 max)

› pH/DO probes and transmitters
› Redox probe and transmitter
› Retractable probe housings
› Redundant probe kits

Foam kits
› Foam kit
› High-foam kit
› High-high foam kit

Filter/regulator kits
› Process steam
› Utility steam
› Water
› Instrument air
› Utility connection kit

› Sampling valve (resterilizable)
› Novaseptum® sampling system
› Sterile sampling assembly (kit of 3)

Vessel volume/weight
› Vessel volume via differential pressure
› Load cells
› Level probe

Additional accessories
› Clean-in-place option (transfer panel/spray balls)
› Cooling by dedicated heat exchanger for chiller
› Low-seal pressure switch for double-mechanical seal
› Thermometer (digital)
› Electropolish
› Passivation
› Transfer lines (resterilizable)
› Utility connection kit

Data recording
› BioCommand® SCADA Software (see page 400)
› Seven inputs (4-20 mA) for ancillary devices
› DeltaV™ connectivity

Validation packages
› Basic Validation
› Basic Plus Validation
› Enhanced Validation

Parts kits
› Spare parts kits
› Preventative maintenance kit


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