CFR Automation – According ASTM D 2885

//CFR Automation – According ASTM D 2885
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CFR Automation – According ASTM D 2885

N2885 is an individual, Online CFR automation unit, for Octane Number determination. Knock signal Acquisition, Cylinder height motor, fuels supply are fully automated. Temperatures are displayed.


Product Description

Technical features

Fuels consumption test is conform & identical to Specification of ASTM D 2885.
Procedure B Dynamic Fuel Level with falling level bowl is applied.
Knock measurements are based on operation on Reference and Online production fuels, measured differences in knock intensity are scaled to provide positive or negative octane number.
Average Tests time can be 10 minutes.

N2885 can be connected to all CFR models after 1965, and to new XPC panel with ROFA New DM. Compatibility with all power supply is available.

Easy installation
Cabinet Control unit includes a PC running on one of the latest Window version and a PLC with touch screen display for routine access. This Control unit cabinet is installed by the side of the CFR.
Cylinder Motor control is installed with simple easy wiring.
Falling level bowl for Reference fuel and Online production fuel is fixed on CFR bowls arm, without any CFR modifications, Fuels supply is only using solenoid valves.
Four hours is the standard installation time. This time can be reduced if “Questionnaire” file is filled and sent back to ROFA before to proceed to installation.

Start up
Startup is done immediately after installation by the technician in charge of the installation and control

CFR client Operators will be trained during 2 days on the different aspects and on the routine use of Online N2885 CFR Automation. No more than 4 operators should be present by session for efficiency

User friendly Hardware & Software
Hardware and Software have been designed to be user friendly and required minimum of instruction time. Software upgrades are generated according ASTM changes and users feedback. Please read the different instruction documents to have more details on the simplicity of use.

N2885 CFR Automation generates results conforming to ASTM D 2885 specifications.
CFR must be conforming to ASTM D 2699 & 2700 components specifications, and CFR engine assembly settings and operating conditions.
Very low maintenance is required due to very few mobile parts.
PC & electronic with PLC are used with standard configuration for easy local support.

Online Support
During 6 months, and even after, online support and help is available from ROFA France after sales team.

Software application and complete set of hardware to proceed to “System qualification checkout” as per ASTM D 2885 – Chapter 11.


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