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DairyGuard Analyzers


Height : 30.0 cm
Model Name : DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer
Operating Range : 8,300 – 350 cm-1
Portable : No
Product Brand Name : DairyGuard
Warranty : 1 year
Weight : 34.0 kg
Width : 52.0 cm

Product Description

This non-targeted screening decreases the risk to your brand. And it helps you deliver your most important ingredient by far: peace of mind.

  • Fast, simple measurement makes Frontier an ideal platform
  • Easily cleanable surface and rotating sample holder
  • Dual range option for MIR and NIR on the same system
  • Switch effortlessly among transmission, reflectance and transflectance modes, and measurement of other ingredients on one systems

The flexible system can accommodate various size petri dishes for easy measurement in any lab environment. We’ve also designed the DairyGuard system with full self-checking and diagnostics to ensure it’s always performing at highest capacity and optimized for the most dependable results.

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Molecular Spectroscopy

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Infrared (IR) Instruments


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