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Mini Bioreactor

Small working volumes save valuable material and medium in process development and screening procedures. The Eppendorf DASbox Mini Bioreactor is a fully instrumented mini bioreactor featuring industry standard design and advanced control functionalities.


Product Description

Product Information

The DASbox Mini Bioreactor is an industry-standard autoclavable glass vessel featuring a multi port stainless steel head plate and a powerful direct overhead drive. With working volumes of 60 – 250 mL it is perfectly suited for process development in cell culture and microbial applications and ready for use with the Eppendorf DASbox.


  • Industry-standard design for excellent scalability and reproducibility in both cell culture and microbiology
  • Stainless steel head plate, fully instrumented with standard sensors for precise measurement and control of temperature, pH, DO, and level
  • Small working volumes of 60 – 250 mL saving valuable resources
  • Powerful direct overhead drive with marine impeller (cell culture) or two Rushton-type impellers (microbiology)
  • Liquid-free exhaust condenser with easy handling by automatic slide-in activation and slide-out deactivation mode


  • Parallel processing with the Eppendorf DASbox Mini Bioreactor System
  • Process development in cell culture and microbiology
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Media optimization
  • Clone and cell line screening, strain characterization

Techincal Data

  Cell culture Microbiology
Bacteria/Yeast/Fungi yes yes
Insect yes yes
Mammalian/Animal yes yes
Plant/Algae yes yes
Stem cells yes yes
Standard set-up DASbox DASbox
Dimensions (W × D × H) 90 × 90 × 360 mm 90 × 90 × 360 mm


Sterilization Autoclavable Autoclavable
Working volume (total) 60 – 250 mL (350 mL) 60 – 250 mL (350 mL)
Material vessel Glass Glass
Head plate Stainless steel, GLS80 screw cap Stainless steel, GLS80 screw cap
Head plate ports 6x Pg 13.5, 2x dip tube long, 2x dip tube short, 1x thermowell 6x Pg 13.5, 2x dip tube long, 2x dip tube short, 1x thermowell
Drive Direct overhead drive Direct overhead drive
Impellers 1x marine 2x Rushton-type
Recommended agitation speed 20 – 2,500 rpm 20 – 2,500 rpm


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