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Ecotech Autoclave

The range currently comprises of 2 x front loading models of 40 and 60-litres, both of which can be bench mounted, plus a 60-litre top-loading model with low loading height.

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Product Description

Key Features of Touchclave-ecotech include:

  • Uniquely, ecotech incorporates an external steam generation system which saves both water usage and energy. No more waiting for water reservoirs to heat up as the New ecotech starts delivering steam in a matter of seconds, resulting in shorter cycle times and significant energy savings
  • Our 316L grade stainless steel pressure vessel is completely seamless providing a smooth and clean interior
  • The door locking system automatically draws the door closed at the start of the cycle. At the end of the cycle, the door is opened via the touchscreen
  • As standard, ecotech is supplied with an auto-fill and auto-drain system which can be connected to a water supply and drain for completely intervention-free filling and draining of the system. Where a water supply and/or drain are not available, integral fill and/or drain tanks or external containers can of course be supplied
  • LTE’s intuitive new icon driven TFT colour touchscreen control system comes with 8 programmable cycles as standard. All cycles are customer configurable either at the machine interface or on a PC
  • When ecotech isn’t in use, it will automatically go into one of its sleep modes, effectively going to ‘standby’ and drawing minimal power. Simply touching the screen will wake the system up. Alternatively it can be programmed to wake up and start a cycle through the delayed start feature
  • The facility for remote data archiving of cycles via Ethernet connection to a PC is supplied on all machines
  • This is just a glimpse of what the new Touchclave-ecotech can offer


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