Encapsulator B-395 Pro

///Encapsulator B-395 Pro
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Encapsulator B-395 Pro

For sterile microbeads and microcapsules

 A quality product for the sterile encapsulation of cells, biological and active ingredients for laboratory-scale research and development work. The highly advanced technology enables particle production for numerous biotechnology and medical processes and other fields that require sterile conditions.

Product Description



  • Sterile encapsulation of cells, microorganisms and active ingredients
  • Aseptic introduction and removal of fluids and products to and from the reaction vessel
  • Possibility of integration in a GMP-compliant production process


  • Efficient, reproducible encapsulation process under low-impact process conditions
  • Exceptionally tight particle size distribution
  • High encapsulation efficiency and yield


  • Intuitive to operate and easy to maintain
  • Quick and easy process optimization thanks to visualization of droplet formation
  • The BUCHI application database and BUCHI application support help you get the most out of working with the Encapsulator B-395 Pro

Syringe pump

Syringe pump

Easily calibrated syringe pump for low-loss feed of small sample quantities using sterile syringes of various volumes.

Material certificates

Material certificates

The reaction vessel for the Encapsulator B-395 Pro is available with material certificates for GMP documentation.

Concentric nozzle system


Concentric nozzle system for creating core-shell capsules (dia. 200 – 2000 µm).

Air dripping nozzle


Nozzle system with airstream dispersal and minimized dead space, tailor-made for low-impact encapsulation of cell agglomerates.


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