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ForceTest Force Measuring Software

Our ForceTest software is an easy-to-use Windows based force measurement data analysis software for use with the DFE and DFS Series digital force gauges and torque gauges. Your test results are presented in a spreadsheet format, so you can analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations


Product Description

The ForceTest software interfaces directly with your digital force gauge enabling you to automatically capture tests and graphs on a personal computer. Test results and graph can be monitored directly on the live screen in real time while the test is being performed.

Featuring a colorful and intuitive user interface, this force measurement software ensures that tensile tests, compression tests, torque tests, peel tests and friction tests are simple to customize to your needs in just a few button clicks. Basic force measurement limits can be set to stop at break, stop at to a preset force or time limit in both tension and compression. Step by step wizard driven menus guide users through creating test programs while indicating the progress achieved.

Adding pre-test questions enables users to input comments and numeric information that are then captured in the test reports as descriptions and lot numbers for the samples tested. Important information such as maximum force, average force, elapsed time, limit force, time limit and peak force can be set to be displayed in the live graph.

The multitude of test result formats allow you to analyze the results for your needs. Results can be exported as PDF, Word, RTF, Image, CSV. Text, XLS, XLSX, HTML, and MHT formats. Both graphs and test results can also be exported directly in the same choice of formats.

The ForceTest software is Windows based and operates from Windows 10.

With flexibility in mind, the ForceTest software is compatible with the Chatillon DFE and DFS Series gauges including the previous generation of the DFS I Series gauges that operated with the NEXYGEN DF software. This allows users of older models either to upgrade their DF I Series gauges to the latest DF II Series gauges with ForceTest, or upgrade from NEXYGEN DF software to ForceTest at a low cost.

The ForceTest 2.0 software comes FREE OF CHARGE when purchasing a DFS II Series digital force gauge and may be downloaded for a 30 day full version trial to experience the full ForceTest experience. If you have already conducted the trial for our previous ForceTest 1.0 software, then a new, free trial of the ForceTest 2.0 can be downloaded.

ForceTest Software Key Features:
– Simple to set up and operate
– Interface directly to your Chatillon digital force gauges
– Pre- and post-test prompts with data analysis
– Auto export test results
– Easy customization at your finger tips
– Usage of the infinity palette of colors to display limits values and graphs



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