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Frontier MIR + SP10 STD


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible : Yes
Height : 30.0 cm
Model Name : Frontier FT-IR
Operating Range : 8300-350 cm-1
Portable : No
Product Brand Name : Frontier
Technology Type : Infrared
Warranty : 1 year
Weight : 34.0 kg
Width : 52.0 cm

Product Description

The Frontier MIR system is the gold standard in laboratory FTIR with multiple sampling options for flexibility, atmospheric vapor compensation as standard, upgradeability to a microscope system and a suite of software packages including Quantitative and 21 CFR part 11 compliant options.

The Frontier MIR system is the ultimate in lab FTIR performance. Comprising of a patented DynaScan interferometer, hotspot stabilized source, sealed and desiccated Ge-coated KBr optics enables a scan range of 8,300-350cm2 delivering excellent wavenumber resolution and high signal to noise. The full size sample compartment automatically detects and optimizes performance of a wide range of accessories. The system can also be upgraded to a microscope system or have an external optical bench added at any time. The instrument has a wide range of ready checks as well as APV or Automatic Performance Verification allowing performance verification to be carried out and improving instrument top instrument method transferability. Atmospheric vapor compensation (AVC) is also included preventing the need to measure in inert atmospheres.

The comprehensive Spectrum Software Suite drives the Frontier MIR system and can support advanced FT-IR analysis in research and industrial laboratories, always providing optimal results. The revolutionary Spectrum AssureID software takes materials checking to a new level. This powerful and intuitive user interface provides manufacturing QA functions with a rapid, unambiguous means of verifying the identity and quality of a production material. Spectrum Quant is also available, designed for novice and advanced spectroscopists who need to integrate accurate quantitative analysis into their MIR analysis. Spectrum Quant combines very simple method development with a range of data processing options to ensure optimum quantitative analysis that can be achieved quickly and reliably. Compliant options are readily available for those working in regulated environments.

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