High-Efficiency ULT Chest Freezers

//High-Efficiency ULT Chest Freezers
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High-Efficiency ULT Chest Freezers

The Eppendorf Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Chest Freezers combine high storage capacity with energy saving. The CryoCube FC660h needs 29 % less energy than its predecessor. This new line has a high efficiency fan, compressor, and condenser which decrease the power consumption.


Product Description

Product Information

For Eppendorf, being green is not a trend, it’s in our nature. Since 1945 we have recognized our place as a global citizen and began our green initiative by building high-quality, long-lasting products. Today, we continue to set new standards with our high-efficiency freezers, among the most energy-efficient ULT freezers on the market. Eppendorf High-Efficiency ULT Freezers minimize operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. They reduce energy consumption by up to 50 % when compared to other models. This group of freezers provides all of the features of the other freezer models.

The ratio of the number of storage boxes to energy consumption is higher for chest freezers than upright models. When the chest freezer is opened, the cold air is kept inside. Additional insulated panels cover the inner chamber and increase energy saving. You can store up to 52,000 samples in a CryoCube FC660h. Each CryoCube model is delivered with its own specific certificate. The CryoCube FC660h combines all the power-saving technology of the CryoCube FC660 with additional vacuum insulated panels. It provides the same sample security and ease of use with even less power consumption.
For even higher sample safety, the Eppendorf CryoCube FC660h can be equipped with CO2/LN2 backup systems and a chart recorder. The TCA-3 temperature monitor system can be used to monitor the freezer remotely.


  • Premium seals for optimal temperature uniformity
  • Vent port on side improves energy consumption and uniformity while providing easier access inside
  • Additional vacuum insulated panels for energy savings
  • Ergonomic handle requires less force and provides easy access
  • New high-efficiency fan, compressor, and condenser
  • Nearly 30 % lower energy costs compared to the CryoCube FC660
  • Full stainless steel interior for easy cleaning during maintenance and defrost cycles; powder-coated steel exterior


  • ULT freezers are suitable for storage and preservation of all types of biological materials/samples:
  • – Bacteria
  • – Cells
  • – Spores
  • – Pollens
  • – Protozoa
  • – DNA
  • – Tissue used in research only
  • – Preservation of chemicals or material testing components for a longer period of time

Technical Data

  CryoCube® FC660h
Heat output 338 W
Number of shelves N/A
Insulation Vacuum insulation paneling/polyurethane foam
Capacity 660 L
Max. racks per freezer 40
Dimensions internal (W x D x H) 147 × 59 × 76 cm
Noise level 58.3 dB
High-Efficiency yes
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Max. power consumption 8100 W
Dimensions (W × D × H) 207 × 84 × 107.5 cm1,3,4
Weight w/o accessories 304 kg
Pull-down time to -85 °C 3.7 h2
Box capacity per freezer  
5 cm (2 in) tall boxes 520
7.5 cm (3 in) tall boxes 360
10 cm (4 in) tall boxes 240
Box capacity per rack  
5 cm (2 in) tall boxes 13
7.5 cm (3 in) tall boxes 9
12.5 cm (5 in) tall boxes 6


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