Hydrolysis Unit E-416 / B-411

///Hydrolysis Unit E-416 / B-411
  • Hydrolysis Unit E-416 / B-411

Hydrolysis Unit E-416 / B-411

The Hydrolysis Units E-416 and B-411 ensure safe and fast acid hydrolysis of up to 6 samples simultaneously. Assure conformity with official regulations for the declaration of the total fat content.


Product Description



  • Compliant with official regulations (e.g. AOAC, ISO, DIN)
  • Reproducible thanks to standardized and exhaustive procedures


  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysate without getting in contact with the sample
  • Effective sealing avoids harmful emissions


  • Fast and effective heat transfer to samples by means of IR radiation
  • Simultaneous hydrolysis, filtration and rinsing of up to 6 samples
  • Sample tube designed to use directly with E-816 or B-811

Clear-cut advantages

Clear-cut advantages
Simultaneous hydrolysis of 4 or 6 samples / Quick and efficient filtration / User-friendly operation / No odor nuisance / Compliance with AOAC and LMBG § 35 (G

Different areas of use

Different areas of use

Take advantage of an easy filtration and rinsing process handling four respectively six samples at the same time. The BUCHI Hydrolysis Units, E-416 or B-411, make an important contribution to efficient fat determination, for example in food and animal feed. It is used in quality control laboratories as well as in process monitoring.


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