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Industrial & Laboratory Glassware

Scientific, Industrial & Laboratory Glassware

BOROSIL®  range of Laboratory Glassware includes almost all items required in general lab usage. They expertise in melting and forming low expansion, chemically inert borosilicate glass for over 50 years has made the products preferred globally. In fact, for a laboratory to get ISO 9001 certification in India, it is recommended that it use BOROSIL certified A-class lab glassware. The apparatus for measurement of volumes rank amongst the most accurate in the world.


Product Description


Product Description

From the 16th Century till date, chemical research teams have used glass containers for a very basic reason – glass is transparent, thereby making the contents and the reactions clearly visible. However, owing to the fact that chemists must heat, cool and mix chemical substances, ordinary glass is not always adequate for laboratory work.

Laboratory work requires that the apparatus for handling chemicals/media offer maximum inertness when in contact with the widest range of chemical substances. Moreover such apparatus needs to withstand thermal shock without fracture, high temperatures without deformity and mechanical shocks from daily washing and sterilization.

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