LAMBDA XLS+ with SD Memory Card

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    LAMBDA XLS+ with SD Memory Card

LAMBDA XLS+ with SD Memory Card


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible : Yes
Interface : Xenon Flash
Maximum Temperature : 35 °C
Minimum Temperature : 15 °C
Portable : Yes
Product Brand Name : LAMBDA
Technology Type : UV/Visible
Warranty : 1 year
Wave Length : 190 nm – 1100 nm

Product Description

Specially designed with you in mind

  • Split beam operation ensures high stability and run-to-run reproducibility
  • External power supply reduces heat in the spectrophotometer – a major source of instrument drift
  • Ultra long-life Xenon lamp and zero moving parts minimizes maintenance and maximizes your lab’s uptime

LAMBDA XLS+ Additional Features

  • Higher resolution (3 nm bandwidth) version of the LAMBDA XLS

Get answers in an instant

  • An innovate optical design provides full spectra almost instantly
  • Full suite of measurement modes: single and multi-wavelength modes, scanning, and kinetics
  • No moving parts provides for high sensitivity and reliability
  • Large, intuitive full graphics display

Customized to fit your lab

  • Compact design with integrated thermal printer uses minimal bench-space
  • Customize up to 90 methods!
  • Transfer data to your computer for printing or storage using an SD memory card or USB PC connector or wireless Bluetooth
  • Multiple language operation as standard
  • Accommodates 10, 20 or 40 mm pathlength cells for maximum application flexibility

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