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LS 55


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible : Yes
Interface : Xenon Flash
Light Source : Continuous Variable Slits, Wider Range Of Accessories, Includes Automated Polarization Accessory
Portable : No
Technology Type ; UV/Visible
Warranty : 1 year
Wave Length : 200 nm – 800 nm

Product Description

The gold standard for automated bioresearch developed for a wide range of bioanalytical applications, based on decades of experience in Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

The PerkinElmer LS 55 Fluorescence spectrometer offers flexibility, versatility, reliability and ease-of-use. Based on our popular LS-50B, the LS 55 spectrometer includes a host of auto-mated accessories and software to address a wide range of bio research applications. The LS 55 is built on PerkinElmer’s heritage of sensitivity and reliability. A wide range of automated accessories have also been developed for the system making it the system ideal for bioresearchers conducting:

  • Microplate-based measurements
  • Polarization
  • Anisotropy assays
  • Intact cell work
  • Analysis of protein suspensions

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