MicroBeta2 LumiJET Microplate Counters for Radiometric and Luminescence Detection

//////MicroBeta2 LumiJET Microplate Counters for Radiometric and Luminescence Detection
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MicroBeta2 LumiJET Microplate Counters for Radiometric and Luminescence Detection


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible : No
Portable : No
  • Microplates in 24-, 96-, and 384-well formats; rigid opaque plates for luminescence assays; and isoplates and flexible plates for liquid scintillation counting with cocktails
  • Filter plates, LumaPlate, FlashPlate technology, and more
  • Choose the right filter for your assay from different filter plates like UniFilter plates, or MicroBeta2 -specific filtermats
  • Scale down your vial counting assays with LSC minivials (4 mL) to improve throughput
  • Eppendorf® microtubes, up to 2 mL

Product Description

The MicroBeta2 LumiJET System provides advanced radiometric and luminescent detection abilities for GPCRs, kinases, reporter gene assays, and traditional liquid scintillation counting. Providing coincidence counting, a unique patented configuration with two photomultiplier tubes that simultaneously detect signal, the Microbeta2 LumiJET ensures high efficiency and extremely low background for a variety of radionuclides, as well as injectors for applications where direct injection of reagents is required.

The Microbeta2 LumiJET features time-resolved liquid scintillation counting (TR-LSC), delivering improved counting performance for opaque plates where traditional coincidence counting isn’t possible.

With advanced aequorin (agonist/antagonist) technology, you can develop assays more efficiently, screen with unprecedented sensitivity and reliability, and do more with your research than ever before.

  • Choice of single- or dual-channel injectors: A dual- channel injector allows you to run dual aequorin screens without the need of an external dispensing device
  • Availability in 1- , 2- , 6- , or 12-detector configurations: Multiple detectors can be used simultaneously to maximize throughput
  • 16-plate capacity or robot-loading interface
  • Support of up to 384-well plates
  • Real-time kinetic data acquisition and display

Get more assays, from one powerful system

  • Advanced Detection Enables detection of beta and gamma isotopes, as well as glow and flash luminescence
  • GPCR Assays Combine with AequoScreen® or PhotoScreen™ flash luminescence technologies – the ultimate choice for GPCR assays
  • Filtration-based Receptor Binding Assays Deliver utmost sensitivity using either UniFilter plates or MicroBeta filtermats
  • Solid-phase Homogeneous Assays Best-in-class performance in all solid scintillation assays, including beadbased scintillation proximity assays and FlashPlate assays
  • Cell Proliferation Analyze cell proliferation through filter-based 3H-labeled thymidine uptake
  • Cell Cytotoxicity  51Cr release assays for cell cytotoxicity using LumaPlate technology or liquid scintillation counting (LSC)
  • Reporter Gene Assays Glow and flash luminescence capabilities for dual reporter gene assays using luciferase and beta lactamase
  • Metabolic Studies HPLC fraction measurements using LumaPlate technology or traditional cocktail-based approaches in 4-mL tubes
  • Liquid Scintillation Counting Scaled down traditional vial-based liquid scintillation counting assays to microplates
  • Wipe Test No need to reserve a second counter for monitoring contamination in your laboratory
  • More Options Luminometric ELISAs, kinase assays, radioimmunoassays (RIAs), and many others

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