Product Description

The Q-Sense Open Module is designed to enable direct access to the sensor surface required by some applications, e.g., pipetting of sample directly onto the sensor surface. The Open Module is also useful for quick adsorption tests or other experiments when flow conditions are not required.

The Q-Sense Open module is compatible with both the Q-Sense Explorer (previously Q-Sense E1) and Q-Sense Analyzer (previously Q-Sense E4) systems. An example of an application for the Open Module is the measurement of bulk viscosity, which can be calculated directly in Q-Sense analysis software by looking at the frequency and dissipation responses while measuring the transition from air to liquid.

The open module comes with a lid to avoid evaporation of samples and to improve measurement stability.

  • Sample volume typical range is 20–50 µL.
  • Compatible with all Q-Sense 14 mm sensors.
  • Materials exposed to liquid are Teflon® and Viton® (O-ring).