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Park NX20

As an FA engineer, you’re expected to deliver results. There’s no room for error in the data provided by your instruments. Park NX20, with its reputation as the world’s most accurate large sample AFM, is rated so highly in the semiconductor and hard disk industry for its data accuracy.

Product Description

More powerful failure analysis solutions

Park NX20 is equipped with unique features that make it easier to uncover the reasons behind device failure and develop more creative solutions. Its unparalleled precision provides high resolution data that lets you focus on your work, while its True Non-Contact™ mode scan keeps tips sharper and longer, so you won’t have to waste as much time and money replacing them.

Easy to use, even for entry level engineers

Park NX20 has one of the most user friendly designs and automated interfaces in the industry, so you won’t have to spend as much time and energy using the tool and supervising junior engineers with the system. This lets you focus your experience on solving bigger problems and providing insightful and timely failure analysis to your customers.

Accurate AFM Solutions for FA and Research Laboratories

Sidewall measurements for 3D structure study

3D-wallThe NX20’s innovative architecture lets you detect the sidewall and surface of the sample, and measure their angle. This gives the unit the versatility you need to do more innovative research and gain deeper insights.

Surface roughness measurements for media and substrates

Surface roughness is one of the key applications where Park NX20 can excel and deliver the accurate failure analysis and quality assurance.
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High resolution electrical scan mode


QuickStep SCM
The Fastest Scanning Capacitance Microscopy

PinPoint AFM
The Frictionless Conductive AFM



Accurate and Reproducible Measurements for Better Productivity

Tip Wearing Experiment with CrN Sample

When you compare the tip shape change through repetitive scans, the benefit of Park’s True Non-Contact Mode becomes very clear.

Tip Wearing Experiment with CrN Sample

Reproduce Best AFM Measurement

True Non-Contact Mode preserves the sharp tip end even after imaging 200 images of CrN, so called tip check sample. CrN has very abrasive surface that may quickly wear out the sharp tip.


Accurate AFM Topography with Low Noise Z Detector

True Sample Topography™ without piezo creep error

Our AFMs are equipped with the most effective low noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise of .02 nm over large bandwidth. This produces highly accurate sample topography, no edge overshoot and no need for calibration. Just one of the many ways Park AFM saves your time and gives you better data.

  • Low noise Z detector signal is used for Topography
  • Low Z detector noise of 0.02 nm over large bandwidth
  • No edge overshoot at the leading and trailing edges
  • Calibration needs to be done only once at the factory



Conventional AFM


Park NX20 Specifications

XY Scanner

Single-module flexure XY scanner with closed-loop control
Scan range : 100μm x 100μm
50μm x 50μm
25μm x 25μm
20-bit position control and 24-bit position sensor


Motorized Stage

XY travel range : 150 mm (200 mm optional)
Z travel range : 25 mm
Focus travel range : 8 mm
Precision encoder for all axes (optional)

Z Scanner

Guided high-force Z scanner
Scan range : 15 µm
30 µm
20-bit position control and 24-bit position sensor


Sample Mount

Up to 150 mm (200 mm optional)
Vacuum grooves to hold wafer samples



Objective Lens

10× (0.21 NA) objective lens with ultra-long working distance
20× (0.42 NA) objective lens with long working distance and high resolution
Direct on-axis vision of sample surface and cantilever
Coupled with 10× objective lens (20× optional)
Field-of-view : 840 × 630 µm (420 × 315 µm optional)
CCD : 5M pixel




Dedicated system control and data acquisition software
Adjusting feedback parameters in real time
Script-level control through external programs(optional)


AFM data analysis software



Signal processing

ADC : 18 channels
4 high-speed ADC channels (64 MSPS)
24-bit ADCs for X, Y, and Z scanner position sensor
DAC : 12 channels
2 high-speed DAC channels (64 MSPS)
20-bit DACs for X, Y, and Z scanner positioning
Maximum data size : 4096 x 4096 pixels

Integrated functions

3 channels of flexible digital lock-in amplifier
Digital Q control

External signal access

20 embedded signal input/output ports
5 TTL outputs : EOF, EOL, EOP, Modulation, and AC bias


AFM Modes
(*Optionally available)

Standard Imaging

True Non-Contact AFM
PinPoint™ AFM
Basic Contact AFM
Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM)
Phase Imaging
Intermittent (tapping) AFM

Electrical Characterization*

Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM)
Conductive AFM
Electric Force Microscopy (EFM)
Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM)
Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy (SKPM)

General Characterization*

Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)
Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)
FD Spectroscopy
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
Force Modulation Microscopy (FMM)



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