PinAAcle 900F Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

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    PinAAcle 900F Atomic Absorption Spectrometer in Dubai
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PinAAcle 900F Atomic Absorption Spectrometer


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible: Yes
Height : 64.0 cm
Model Name : PinAAcle 900F
Portable : No
Product Brand Name : PinAAcle
Warranty  : 1 Year
Weight  : 94.0 kg
Width  : 95.0 cm

Product Description

For laboratories needing a high-performance flame atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer, the PinAAcle™ 900F is a flame-only system with a true double-beam design for fast start-up and exceptional long-term stability.

It features cutting-edge fiber optics to maximize light throughput for improved detection limits, as well as an eight-lamp mount, and automated flame and burner assembly optimization for enhanced productivity.

The PinAAcle 900F is controlled by the new Syngistix™ for AA Software, a workflow-based software designed to speed and simplify the journey from sample to results across a wide range of atomic absorption techniques.

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