Piston Pump

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Piston Pump

Accessory for Automatic Sample Withdrawal-High Pressure Pump System

Product Description

• Piston Pump – PP 08 is Microprocessor controlled and is ideal for sample withdrawal from 6 channels

• The Piston Pump – PP 08 with inert ceramic rotor overcomes all absorption issues

• High flow rates of 25 ml / min can be achieved with accuracy better than 1%

• Rinse function for reducing carryover issues

• Due to individual rotation, in case of one pump failure other can be operated.

• Ceramic rotor eliminated drug Adsorption issues.

• Life: min One million cycles.

• High volumetric Accuracy ±0.1 ml FOR 10 ml.

• Flow rate can be programmed 25 ml/min.

• Surfactant Media Compatibility.


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