Primacs SERIES Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Carbon (TC) analyzer

//Primacs SERIES Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Carbon (TC) analyzer
  • Primacs SERIES Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Carbon (TC) analyzer

Primacs SERIES Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Carbon (TC) analyzer

The PrimacsSERIES Carbon / Nitrogen Analyzers have been designed to offer a true solution of Carbon and Nitrogen analysis in solid samples. Depending on the requirement of the laboratory and the applications a variety of analyzers is available.

Product Description


Total Organic Carbon and Protein-Nitrogen analyzer for Solid & Liquid samples

The PrimacsSNC-100 is our latest, modern and flexible sample analyzer with integrated 100-position autosampler for determination of Nitrogen (N), Protein, Total Carbon (TC), Total Elemental Carbon (TEC), Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) all in one unit.

Features Includes:

  • Built-in auto sampler with 100 positions.
  • Weight of sample up to 3 grams, for better representation of sample (Soil/Food) compared to microgram analysis.
  • Digestion is NOT REQUIRED for solid samples.
  • Possibility to transfer the weight from automatic balance to Nitrogen analyzer through RS 232C Interface
  • No need to use Micro Balance for the Analyzer.
  • Unique vertical upward push, bottom to top, sample crucibles to attain better combustion of the sample.
  • Ramping is possible to do speciation of carbon analysis.
  • The supplied crucibles can be re-used for several analysis and NOT use & throw type capsules, to avoid the cost of consumables.
  • Back flush system to remove ambient air for accurate low level analysis.


The analyzer provides fast, reliable, accurate and low level analysis of these parameters in applications such as soil & plant, sludges & sediments, animal feed & grain, food, malt & wort, fertilizer etc.
The PrimacsSNC-100 contains an extra large integrated autosampler with 100 positions covered with a transparent lid. The sampler can analyze large daily sample loads in one batch. The sample rack is removable and re-usable quartz crucibles are used for sample weights up to 3 g of solid material. Samples are introduced in the analyzer through a unique vertical sample introduction system. Sample ashes remain in the crucible after the analysis and are taken out of the instrument with removal of the crucible. This avoids sample ash build-up in the combustion zone and therefore reduces maintenance.



High temperature combustion with Non Dispersive Infrared detection (NDIR) is used for the analysis of TOC, TEC and TIC. The temperature settings are variable to get optimum combustion for different sample matrices and to allow the analysis of TEC.

The determination of TN/Protein is based upon DUMAS methodology and detection with Thermal Conductivity (TCD). The DUMAS method is fast, safe and a good alternative for the old fashioned Kjeldahl.

TIC can also be analyzed using automatic acidification and purging.

The instrument is delivered with a modern and flexible software package.


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